Friday, September 29, 2017

Two things this early morning , and damn those tight Yoga pants on firm reared women

It's totally humorous when I get ID'd. At 58 years old no less, but this punk kid ID'd me up here at the Maverick, did just that. It was funny. Guess he doesn't want to loose that $10.00 an hour career job.
Okay then; Still taking apps for on air people for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM, Two things there. First to be considered one has to show up for an interview. Guess the fact that its in the Rode House here is a put off, especially to younger women. What they have no idea of is that come Decembr 1st we'll be in newer more formal facilities in Buhl. Last but not least, while I was up at the Maverick, this, Hispanic chik in very tight Yoga pants comes in, with just a lottery ticket, who cashed it in. Her winnings were only $12.00 so she got a muffin which cost her $6.00 , if she wasn't trolling I'll buy you a root beer. Two thoughts there, who does she think she'll catch at 03:00 hours? And two, doesn't she have any scrupples? Dressing like that at that time in the morning, is just an invite for something sinister. Although I'd be fibbing if I said it didn't look good, but hey I can look, just not sniff as I got my Shelly. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A real difference that is like is not day.

Before I get into my usual rant here need to express some apologies to the people in Evanston Wyoming. For many years there I thought that all that was going on there, was backpedaling and complete idiocy. Compared to what I stumbled upon here at the only pharmacy in where I live, I must say what I saw here looked like a bunch of monkey's screwing footballs. I had them refill a bunch of my prescriptions from over Evanston way, but, the amount of fussing around, was absolutely dorky. I finally left and made my run to Buhl(more on that later here)  but I must have waited nearly 35 minutes in our local pharmacy here. Sure I understand there are hours that it gets busy, but if there were troubles in refilling prescrips from out of state here and all, couldn't have someone here called me? This will be my first and last prescription gig , from now on its either Riddley's or Smith's. 
So got over to Buhl, the difference in both attitude and surface growth is remarkable. Wendell is barely on life support, but Buhl, is starting to climb out of the dooldrums that was there only 5 or so years ago. With that KTOW FM 105.7 is headed back to where we started this radio gig from, and in time, myself as well. There just is not anything left in Wendell, and sadly not much in the way of Hazzard either. The pool done dried up. 
Talked to Sheriff's dispatch, earlier in the evening, they planted a bug in the ear of the local patrol here to do an extra watch here at the Rode House watching for the hoodlums that have been attacking my rides and flattening my tires. 
Got in touch with Local X, who quoted me $4k to build the formal site for the WolfPack. Apparently the forces of evil that plagued KMVT is no longer there at least not over all. Except that a few of the older guard, like Joe Martin and such there seems a flush of that toilet has been done, so looking at seeing what kind of fence mending can be done.
We will be on air at 04:00 both over the air and online. 
Last but not least. The amount of sugar looking honey Buhl seems to have against Wendell is like 4 to 1 for every 1 gal in Wendell that looks good, Buhl seems to have 4. Which might make recruiting poster babes for the Web site.
TTYLY Until 04:00

Oh my how the kids want to play but do they need to mess around my stuff talking tire destruction

Somewhere not just the rainbow, but somewhere there has to be outside of death a place where computers work the way they were designed to, where Internet service providers deliver the real speed they claim , not just a estimation, and where neighborhood or some area nerdy children, don't damage your property. That's the place I want to be. Where promises , even and most importantly when the agreement is made with a spit in the hand handshake. To me that truly would be the way Heavenly Father intended it. In today's society sadly that ain't the condition. Over this last week, I had to shell out of my getting more shallow pocket just over $200.00 to repair two tires. One that got taken out mid July by a kid doing pop gun practice, but never fessed up to it, but I do know it was one of the rug rats from my area. Then yesterday with LiL Wolf's tire fixed, discovered the right front tire on the General JaXson deflated. Okay, that's fixed, its a thing all too many ask into why don't you get your ass out of there? Even area neighbors would like that, of which I'm all too happy to oblige, but you can't move with flat tires nor having to spend moving money or money for a kid who mows my lawn, that has to be spent on fixing tires. But the change is coming.
Had a great lunch yesterday in Buhl, over some Taco soup, that was DEElicious. 
Then got an inquiry from two guys for AyreWolfFM and one lady from Jerome . Out of the 3 saw where one had some real experience. Look, I'm not into dudes, but If and I say IF I can hire just one or two people that know their stuff, and eventually roll it over to them to manage, then I can get my butt at least to Utah/ and southeastern Idaho. 
Let someone else that meets WolfPack standards.
More on the show overnight on that.
Now here is what I think is really goofy. Went to the Doctors yesterday, but without the old records available the Doc couldn't write the prescriptions. However I made a call to my old Doc, in Evanston, they are sending the order over this afternoon to Simerly's here so I'll finally have my meds. 
That means my insides will start to get back to normal. At least as normal as it can be. 
With that, and looking over everything the idea of coming home here in late May , was a dum and I mean unthought out stupid idea. Granted I didn't have a shop, persay , but I had everything else. So with that, I'm looking to going back that way, not to live in Etown again, but very close by. Like Montpelier Idaho. 
Now then too; constructing a broadcast HQ in Utah might be a better thing, after all both facility , and human resources for such while lean, still can be found. 
Any way I'm holding my insides here, be glad to finally get my Nexium, so my stomach heals. Remember it was just a few weeks ago, when my insides were invaded by a torx screwdriver, turned into a near ice pick. 
Hold on friends.
See ya'll on the air.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Now I lay me down to sleep. Been a rough few days

Before I get into my usual rant here, want to input my request that all of you in the Knytes-of-Dixie and the Iron Knytes, say prayers for our brethren in the Bandidos MC in Texas to allow them to prevail against those who are oppressing them throughout their legal troubles. This was a thing that should not have happened too much blood was spilled and our brethren were just defending themselves. So as you lay down to sleep, say an extra prayer or two, for the Bandidos and all our MC brethren. 
Okay then, its been a rough few weeks for us here in the Idaho Sub Charter of the Knytes likewise with us in the WolfPack. Been discovering a lot of things that I was either to blind by right of brotherhood or such, but many of our not patched but associated membership have been more of a bunch of JAFO'S , For none military out there , a JAFO stands for the term ; Just Another Fucking Observer. In our circles its a bunch of people who are like people who observe, claim to support, but will not involve themselves or contribute skin, blood, or finances to aid in the causes we as members of things Dixie are fighting for. Nor aid in the cash stash or just physical resources such as shop, and or office for say the radio station. What I am here saying is pruning of the trees is on the horizon.
As many of you know Indian Rick, is no longer President of the Club(s). Jonny Muir takes over that duty as of the 2nd of January. Once that takes place, many of the spendthrift things will be examined and some will be either sold off or just plain done away with. The other side of that is many of the JAFO's will also be terminated as of having anything to do with the Club(s). Only those that show solid real support will remain. Even some patched members have been alerted that unless they demonstrate some support, in some real way, they will be stripped of the patches. Unless some dig in they will no longer be Knytes. Likewise unless some of the WolfPack starts to show some loyalty, they too will be demoted and banished as a member of the WolfPack. Buhl, is the last effort, here in western Idaho. The legal bills of Waco Texas, are going to be huge, even more so than they have been for over two years now. Which leaves little in the way of finances for legal enterprises. For the last 15 years we as a Club, and brotherhood have been working to establish legit and legal earning operations. Yet outside of two, and one that is pretty much on life support, that effort is lackluster at best. There is on the table of flat regionalizing the charters into fewer charters. Ours here would be the Mountain West Charter, rather than the Idaho, or Utah, or Wyoming Charter. This would drasticly reduce the local governing ability and involvement. Decisions would be made on a out of area basis. My advice is for all state Presidents, and officers to get your memberships to get more involved. If they are not willing to stand up for the Club(s) they need to turn in the cuts and patches. Same goes for the WolfPack. 
What I have taken in these last few months, being back here in Western Idaho, that what once was, is just that, was. Not is. What we did years ago can't or wont be done here. As such my loyalty to the Club(s) is deep enough to say, I will relocate no matter to where it is that the Club(s) are the strongest. Its a time of culling out of the organization, and purifying the membership. 
More in the morning on KnyteWolf Radio.
L8R Aviators.

Monday, September 18, 2017

We will be on air at 11:00 AM and? Which is prettier the left foot or the right?

Good morning Dixie Nation, I promise that unless I loose connection with Cable-One, we'll be on the cyber air radio at 11:00AM. Last night I had planned to be active and on air after the Emmy's with some of my thoughts on the Emmy's, but about 45 minutes to to the end of the Emmy's I was too pooped to pop, so I hit my bed and I was out. Heck I wasn't even awake enough to hear when my Shelly called at 23:00 hours. 
Okay the Emmy's in my opinion was a farce. Outside of two of the productions we as a production department is concerned was involved in, I was not impressed with that broadcast. Reason/ It was way over politized. It was Trump this, Trump that and jokes poking at the President. Outside of that, it was a bad broadcast. The idea is to be entertained and removal, from the threats and problems of the world for a few hours. Not be bombarded by politics. Yet we were.
I'll have more than that on my show at 11:00AM. 
In searching for a go-go boot worn on the right foot, for a sponsors graphic. Know what? Not hardly one. What I found is tons of boots being worn on the left side or left foot. Which begs the question , is the left foot sexier than the right? 
Join me right after Zeb Bell on KTOW FM 105.7 here in Hazzard and online at 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

They can silence my bark and howl, but not my bite

The Facebook saga of me and them continues. There is no dealing with Zukerberg and cronnies, but the fact out of it all a few things will emerge. A giant can be fell, by a smaller foe just needs a bit more enginuity. The conditions of this fight are many, mostly because good young Mark, and his India crew are no match for a determined USCMC Combat fighter pilot. I do not know the word surrender and once you engage me in a fight best use your all, as I'm relentless. I can say this, though there are some things I have learned from ole Zuckerberg. First to get a better gig you got to move where the human resources are at, and where it is that there is enough support is at. Such as us doing radio on a mammoth scale, as opposed to just a small over the air station. Ever wonder why 80% of what's on air in our rural area is voice tracked? Ever notice that the newscasts on CH 11 at night are mundane at the least? Its because nobody here is teaching the skills nor that few are introverted enough to get on air? It's not always the fault of CH-11 or the station owners and programmers, its the fact that there not much of a pool of talent to hire from. However when I get criticized about hiring people and having them work out of a house, or my house. Consider this, in its developement stage Facebook was ran out of a split level house. Yes good ole Mark's house. Of course that was a different era and all, since all too many think something sinister is going to happen if workers especially women, are in a somewhat private home, although while this does happen in a house, remember this house is not just where I crash, the Wolf's Den, is a Rode House, for both the WolfPack as well as the Knytes. Being too timid, prevents all too many from reaching a higher than usual level of proficiency . So hey Facebook, yes you can silence my bark and my howl, but not my bite, watch for a thing coming that will equal if not exceed Facebook, delivered to you through the works of the WolfPack.

Dixie Nation Report

My stomach is still doing topsy turvies , started yesterday afternoon, and been yuckie in the tummy most of the night. Sure I can eat, but much does not stay down long. Might have something to do with me not having my meds including that stuff that's a generic for Nexium, plus the fact no Lithium, means stress is not being curbed as fast as it used to be. Which brings me to much that I have been dealing with and decisions I am having to make. One of many is, just because its not on Facebook in one of our groups or pages don't mean it ain't happening. The real thing here is that we rather for the most part me, is dealing with factors that only a nation's President or General Jackson himself might have to deal with. 
As many of you know, mid year last year, nominations for President of the Knytes-of-Dixie/aka Iron Knytes Association were being put up. By March of this year our elections took place and one month shy of my transplanting here to western Idaho, Jonny Muir was elected President of the Knytes. I retained the spot of two points of command. One being re-elected as Alpha-Wolf or President of the AyreWolvez, and two keeping rank as Senior Vice President of the Knytes. With those two things, mid June, examinations of operations of the organizations were taking place. Where money was being spent, results from those investments, and what should be changed if needed and so on. With much of the operations as far as an executive stature that will be in Utah, rather than Idaho, still the founding Charter here in Western Idaho at the time was being looked on very strongly. However events that occured in July to early August, made a central Idaho Sub Charter more appealing. As such that will be in or around the mid central town of Burley/Rupert. Where I'll end up is yet to be determined. The move here to Western Idaho, without doing more recon, on the area was stupid. Just because something was here once, does not mean its still here. While much of the area has grown, that growth has been focused in Twin Falls Idaho, not the rest of the valley, and sure as shooting not the rest of the state. Boise and that area continues to grow, but one old cop in Glenn's Ferry said it best, there's the state of Ada,(meaning Ada County aka Boise) and the state of Idaho, and so often is the case the two don't unite very well. With that said, as for me, home used to be here, but my heart is no longer here or where my home is. Outside of maybe 4 people, maybe 5, if something really tragic or such were to happen to me, no body here or damn few would know who to contact, or what to do. Beyond that the Knytes' need resources that are just not here now, and despite money that could be poured into the area by us, the estimation that investment would produce little if any results. As such I'm eye balling very seriously southeastern Idaho, where much of my kin folk live, and where things towing might better to grow. However there is the media Center and all, That is being rethought. Blackfoot, American Falls and/or Burley Rupert. Outside of those Idaho is pretty well done. At least as far as the Knytes'. Maybe in another 30 years if I'm still alive a re-examination could be done, but Jonny and I have considered everything and things closer to Utah is a better alternative. 
As for me, plan is, is to get through winter, finish up things, here. Then put it all in storage and just go Nomad for awhile until such time as a suitable location is found that can accomodate what we have in mind. 
Tonight's online radio show will be my last for awhile, and will announce on our wordpress site, ( when we are ready to refire everything back up. 
More on the show.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Why I don't and don't plan on ever having a smartphone give me simple

The other day sitting in some odd choke & gag, I caught a call, and some buttinski asked me why I owned such and old phone? My reply was simple, because I like it. However every day I hear about some rampant hack, or some off the wall scam or something mainly on facebook, (more on that in a few) but some scam, hack or internet web plague that is sure to bring down the walls of Jerico, or at least the nation. My view is purtty simple, if I want to go online or mess on the web, I'll use my computer. If I want to make a phone call, send a quick text to my Shelly or take a pic of a rig that's been in a wreck that I had to rescue then I'll use my cell phone. Heck it took me years to finally get a cell phone. I considered them and all but the costs and all, for what I paid for a cell phone access company I could hire a person to sit on a landline and call me on ye ole Motorola two way. These people were once called dispatchers. What did I need the damn mobile phone for? But then finally because of A1 and my involvement there and all I finally got one, and even before, Tammy(yes that Tammy from Evanston) convinced me I needed one. Yet while having a mobile device to watch TV, or be on the web, is what I have a TV and a computer for, don't need it on a phone. The simple $60.00 I pay for what I got with Verizon, and all is just fine. It's just like tow trucks. Yes I'm being pushed to buy a roll back, but I'm resistant. Reason? If I catch a call for a toew of some ride that needs a flat bed, a trailer, is good. That way I don't have a whole truck tied up to do only one thing. My ole LexiBelle can do anything I need, tows anything I get called on, and if I need a truck, I got one. LexiBelle can do other things that haul around plastic cars and pick-up's. When it comes to computers , it wasn't until mid 1994 that I finally caved in and computerized my company, as well as pointed our MC to start using a computer. As far as blogs and shit. I currently hold the ultimate number of individual blogs on Google's Blogger. Yet outside of about 5 , I hardly write anything in the others. Same goes for groups and the manure on Facebook. I started yanking pages this morning. I'm very near to yanking my entire Facebook account and saying fuck you facebook. Yet because of the Knytes and the WolfPack, I'm keeping it, but too thinking of setting up an entirely new account, strictly for the club as well as my company. past that no personal facebook account. After all can't see what my friends(real friends ) post anyway. Can't see 411 from the groups that I started as well as a few that was interesting, so why even have to shovel facebook manure? Close the account, delete the entire thing, and tell the ad account fartknockers bite my ass. 
Now I will not be through. Maybe its time old Mark Zuckerburg was given some serious competition. Build a social site free of censorship, free of bullying, and free of junk. Let people post what they want, and how they want it. Not just the communistic renderings of someone that lived for technology but is now way too consumed with a Pacific Asian wife, and flat don't care. Let's see a social media site that truly goes after the boomers to the now Geritol demographic, and sends the diaper rash demographic back to facebook, MySpace and so on. Which begs the question, what did we do before Facebook? We really made friends, talked to friends, made friends , cultivated relationships, and really lived. If there wasn't a Facebook, that fueled terror that is simply a way to gain an hour or two of fame, because you highlighted it on your facebook status, maybe if that wasn't there, people just might settle the heck down. 
Bottom line, our nation needs to get back to simplicity, basics and common decency between people. Not cause fights and worse on a social site designed by a brat in school at Harvard, that moved to San Fransisco, and created a thing called Facebook. 
So to my many real friends that are on the big F, if you don't see me there in a few days or weeks, know you can find me on my radio show, on my blogs, or on twitter, but not on facebook.

Media career day in Twin Falls, Idaho. Plus did Denny's of Twin Falls forget to pay the heat bill?

Okay woke up way too late last night and still being very tyred decided to go back to sleep. After all with a bunch of things still in a holding pattern radio wise thought is can do the show later tonite which I plan on doing. So needing feeding went over to Twin Falls to Denny's Diner. Once there went in thinking that all would be warm and cozy. Finding it was freezing in there. Come to learn that their heating/cooling system was on the frits. Dang they just barely built this facility, what two maybe 3 years ago. Couldn't whoever installed the climate control system in there could have done a better job. After that ventured out to the yard at A1 to see about my truck its still down so, turned around, and journeyd back here to my place for now in Wendell. 
Okay then, and its still in the planning stages, but thought being maybe its time to reach out to the various news-TV-Radio stations here and see if a venu and all could be done, to see if there is any real interest in people to do media skills arts. Maybe a media radio/TV job or career fair at CSI, or something. At least get a sampling if there is any interest and if so, maybe approach the powers that be at CSI or such about doing up area classes for a media skills program. In short teach at least basic radio/TV skills, from announcing to producing programming. 
Doug Maughn over at CSI, was once a part of a team that ran a small radio station here in Twin Falls years ago, and maybe get some real interest going. At least then our operation would have a pond to fish from in getting on air and behind the board production people. 
Over night I counted at least 10 people interested in our career openings, yet none said they had any experience or even basic knowledge of anything radio or TV. 
It's been said that those who can do, the others teach, in our case maybe its time we did both. 
Any mile going to hit the shower, then get busy, producing tonite's show.

Friday, September 15, 2017

It's getting colder here winter is coming soon and I'm really disappointed in the valley here.

As I awoke this morning I found three things in my house and one sleeping with me. Nope not a strange she wolf, but a tiny frog that somehow crept in the Wolf's Den here and decided to take up residency here, near end of June. Don't know the gender of the tiny frog, but its little grunting is somehow soothing any way. Along with the rissle of the wind through the trees, and the off camber cold, its all signalling winter is coming, and LexiBelle is off in Etown Wyoming. Need to check with my associate and friend there Rick to see if she's ready to roll and go fetch her, come mid month October. 
Then it comes to the media thing. The concept of joining together my company as far as specialty performance automotive, and such together with the Knytes and germinating the idea of a one major kick butt media company and such as KnyteWolf Media, is not a bad one. The idea here is to acquire an older building in Buhl that used to house KnyteWolf Media until we build our own is a daunting task. Location ideas are the old Kings store next to Riddley's food store, or the old furniture storse down town. Been working with two realty firms there to make that happen. The major challenge here in a very small population area, that is mostly centered on all things production agriculture(which ain't bad, hey we all gotta eat) but there is little of a labor force for anything that is out of the box, such as on air radio people and or audio or video production people. Look I don't mind doing my tasks and duties for it all, its just that I'm getting old, my body tires easily, and despite the notions of me just wanting to get a bit of sexual touchy feely here, which ain't even accurate since that is exclusively my Shelly and me, but having a woman's voice and opinions on air as well as production would help, hey guys and women think differently on things. But to no avail. Now then some bark about the wages. $20.00 an hour as a base wage to start ain't bad hey that comes to just a tad under $2,500.00 a month, and it beats fast food, or housekeeping services wages. Yet hardly if any experienced takers. Only time I got took , no , correction twice I got took, and because the mistake was on my end , I had to pay wages out of my own pocket. What many don't understand, on wages for the radio media company, comes if the new hires did the job they are hired to do, is the responsibilty of the Knytes. (Iron-Knytes-Association/AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association-aka the WolfPack.) If there's a goof up or a thing that the new hire only partly does their job , it comes out of my very shallow pocket, not the deep well of the Knytes. 
With that the talent searches go on.
Now onto another matter and if the little guy from fb advertising calls I'm going to tell him the same thing. Until FB get's off their lazy butts, and repairs my fb account to where I can see all of my newsfeeds from my groups, friends and such, as well as the Contacts pane>
the space in the red ain't there. Why? Who knows, but the little fartknockers in Queer-Bay California where Facebook is headquartered ain't fixing nothing. The funny thing is, if I view my page from IE or another computer the images and contacts are there. It's a measure of Facebook to do away with fake news, except ours are not fake, and the fact that Facebook hates anything to do with today's Confederacy, 1% Bikers groups, or radical rebel groups such as ours. Except the fact that ours is more patriotic than just about if not more so than any other thing out there. If that ain't being racist, or predjudiced I don't know what is. If someone barks about the Black Lives Movement, or BLM, its up on fb, if its another radical idea its on fb, ours, I just see barely on my main board even if I boost it for money, I have to individualize who and where its posted. So I say to those little college kids at fb, want my or the Knytes ad monies? fix my fb account.
Any way been having a slight migraine so staying indoors most of the day. These are the days I could use employees, but sadly there's none to hire. See ya'll at 16:00 On, on HazzardAyre-KnyteWolf Radio. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What's on today's AyreWolFM Show?

Good morning fellow aviators and concrete sailors it is Tuesday in Wolf Kountry and we have a purtty good show coming up for you here on AyreWolFM/KnyteWolf Radio.
Like the fact that with Hurricane Irma did you know that was the name I gave to my 4th wife's crotch? Yep, her mini titties were called Fredrikia andMary Lou, and the VeeJay? Yep, Irma. As you can imagine with all the coverage on TV and all of that terrible event, I had to slightly chuckle when they said hurricane Irma, I could only think, Darn tootin Irma was.
Then we'll be tawkin about the idea surround the charity event that we here are working on on behalf of our radio station, again auditioning for the toew smooch. In that just how long could a guy put a set of toes in nylon hose under his nose and against his lips? I was tawkin to one of the WolfPack that reminded me of when I was just about 14 or so, while having to snooze at a friends house during one of my parent's get aways, that I attempted with a slight margain of success that feat of the feet. Got the whole family involved. Yet to date there's never been a real clock put on the feat of the feet. Neither Guiness or any other official record documention service or such keeping organization has ever recorded just how long a guy could kiss and obviously smell for a long spell, a womans toes in nylon hose under his nose. Of course there's the need for the feat of the feet, to enhance the concept that at RodeWolf Toewing we Luv 2 Toew
 as such we say it visually as 
 of course my facination really started at about age 8 maybe 9 years old. At least for the lower quadrant of a gals anotomy. See I was partly dating a gal by the name of Janet Riggs of Layton Utah. However her older sister was lets say very fashion conscience and in the late 1960's things hot shorts, go-go- boots, and such were the style. Every shade imaginable of nylon hose was there and as such Janet's older sister wore both and was part of the Layton Lancers pep squad, known as the Lancerets. There was just something that went that day that drew me to hot legs in nylons in those partly corn chip smelling foam inner liner go-go boots. Been attracted to that ever since. So when the oppurtunity presented itself in the early 80's with us doing all things Hazzard County and of course Daisy Duke and all armed with a few partial inspirations, the tag line for RodeWolf Toewing and slightly before the Hazzard County Garage, that evolved to Dixie Towing of Idaho, that in Utah and Wyoming is Cooter's A1 Toewing and here in Idaho, both RodeWolf and Highway Hooker Toewing, the feat of the feet thing just was too much to pass up. The thought of if I had to kiss and whiff a gals lower limbs until I gagged might be a self cure, set off the concept of lets do this for a charity. Have the feat of the feet event at a public event, like a fair or such, have business's or individuals pledge so much money for each hour I could stay there smooching a gals toes in nylon hose, then donate it. In our case to the Shriner's Hospitals. Reason them? My Dad was when he was living was a 32 degree Shriner, El Kalah Temple Salt Lake City Utah. 
Much more to come on this morning show happening at 09:00 that's 9:00 AM here on AyreWolfFM/KnyteWolf Radio.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Women are a real pain like a paper cut

If your going to put your name on a marque at a eat em up joint at least adhere to the name and do it justice.
Example; and this is a domestic comparrison. The Denny's in Burley, Idaho, the same in Twin Falls Idaho. Both owned by the same people and yes I'm glad there is a Denny's here, after how damn long of wishing. With the Depot Grill closed for cleaning I went there. Thinking that after I'd go get milk at the TF Walmart, Skoal then home here to do radio. So went in, after 45 minutes or a bit longer came my French Slam. What? Did they have to bake the bread fresh to make the French Toast? This is at a time of 00:32 hardly anyone in there, and the serving of my food should have been a bit faster. On the other lane, the same eat-em-up in Burley a Denny's, during mid day, it might take maybe 20 minutes to get my iced tea, order and be eating. Guess the Burley store knows of us who toew have no big waiting window. Amazing, then found that Walmart in TF closed, after midnight, no milk, there, no Smiths open either., took a memory journey through Buhl, and quite by habit, went to the old homestead near Hazzard. Realizing I didn't live there anymore turned around and came home here to Wendell. Got milk, but no Skoal, seems my original Wintergreen fine cut out of stock. Oh well Simerly's will have it in the morning. Just got to always remember this is after all small town Idaho, and after 01:00 most folks are in bed.
So tweaked on my gmail. There had a few taking notice of the ads we have there on fb, for on air's, women on air's. Know what? Just about the same bunch that applied the first go round. The answers to the standard fb questions of why do you think you'd be good for KTOW FM? Came up the same, interested but no real on air working experience. I would crap down my legs if I just saw one, that had the abilities as Robin (Miss Dixie Diesel 1993) or our Erin, Nurse GoodBody, just once. With that said, after this Thursday, our radio operation will be off air, until mid month November 2017. Reason, need to find a suitable location that can house the radio station. Many ask the question how can a online station compete with  over the air terrestrial stations? 
Check this artcle out from Radio World
Its in Ohio, and all but why if it works there wont it work there? Some quick answers perhaps the online station in Ohio, isn't as religiously inhibited as here in south western Idaho or even the Mountain West, maybe the folks in Ohio, aren't as spooked at trying something out of the box, like many are here. And yes the women in Ohio, might not be as timid, and on as much meth addictions as here in western Idaho. But that's the short of why it might not work here, but ya gotta try. Then cruising along coming home I began to figure, that here any more, outside of remaining on station to tend to big Rick, and all, still beyond that there really is nothing here at least for me any more. Thoughts of at least southeastern Idaho, like as far as Grace/Soda Springs, Idaho, or as far west as American Falls Idaho, but still here in this valley, there is no more kin folk outside of one that owns and runs 1,000 springs resort, the question Robin Williams of Good Morning Vietnam fame said it, Why Am I here?
There is always the question of why always women for side or co-hosts/anchors for our radio gig? It worked once , it worked for Stern, why wont it work here, at least for us? Reason, Stern is in a major metro area, second he's in a sky rise office with a albeit minimal, but a security layer. We aren't and don't. Applicants work in my house, and the reasons of why haven't you put that in an office place ? Simple there aren't ones here. The one I wanted to put it in here in Wendell, here don't want a radical rebel gear head club, in their building. At least after dark and overnight. Second, until I find enough people willing to really work the station outside of myself and Club members the question is why go to the extra expense? The rest of the thing is, to make the radio gig go, I need just not women to host the shows. The Knytes/WolfPack, needs at least two resident engineers, two at least ad sales people getting local business's to advertise on the station to help pay the bills, outside voicetracked production managers, and program creators. Skills that quite simply are not here at least in outlaying areas like Wendell, or Buhl, or even Burley. Twin Falls has a few, but just like C3 and a few other outfits, the reason they locate there is simple. A big quanity of college students needing jobs, to aid in paying for college at CSI(College-of-Southern Idaho) if that wasn't there, there would not be these other companies, since there are not seasoned experienced employees or a off the farm labor force. Its just not here. I know I bitch about KMVT-11/Fox-14 here for their low quality newscasts. Thing is; there are no or damn few experienced TV and/or radio people here. They just don't have the skills, and no matter gender are not willing to learn these skills. See you on air at 13:00 when I can get some Skoal, since I can't work well without it.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

On a happy howl Yesterday marks 51 years of going where no one has went before

Amid a crap that hit me in the face faster than manure at a county rodeo, I nearly forgot that BBC America was celebrating 51 years of Star Trek the original series. Yep 51 years ago Yeppers, 1966 a LA detective dabbled into believable science fiction and brought us all on a 5 year mission to explore the universe aboard a highly advanced vessel called the Enterprise. Yes Star Trek. As years went along, the original series took off with a new ship, with Captain Picard, and a android named Data, which begat Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and of course my favorite, Star Trek Voyager. Which was a drastic departure from original visions of Gene Roddenbery who was in a male domination frame of mind. Here Voyager was commanded by a woman. The queen and her drones, inspired in part of a few episodes from Star Trek Next Generation when the BORG was encountered. The basic thoughts being, a existence where we strived for expansion of the mind not always expansion of the wallet. 
Some of the things envisioned have happened, some are speculative, such as molecular transportation(beaming as in beam me up Scotty). I saw a demo of what could be in my Sophmore year in Wendell High School. This guy conned our Principal, to allow a school program. The program included the real to life molecular transporting of a small poodle from one end of our schools gym to the other. It worked, unfortunately it was too much for school officials and they gave the guy the boot. All left except me. I really wanted to talk more with this tech guru, and found it very interesting. 
Going beyond that, I remember my first encounter with Star Trek. I was just 7 years old, had the flu with complications really bad. Running fevers of 106 to 108, I was bed ridden for many days even weeks. On a very tiny Sony TV Black& White , I saw Star Trek, which somehow gave me the strength to go on and beat that flu. Between tech, aviation and all that was where my efforts in a career were at. By 6th grade I was so stupid math wise that it was near time to get some extra instruction. I had the best darn teacher in 6th grade. Mrs. Cleo Sturgeon, who to help me aclamate in school, turned our class room into a partly mocked up version of the bridge of the original NCC1701. 
When I settle down for sleep, instead of dreaming of making whoopie with some actress or something, I have always escaped the terrestrial life and at warp speed cruised across space in a starship. Which is always too I keep having to remind myself especially when dealing with people like Mandy and some places Idaho and even Wyoming by trying to maintain the Prime Directive, don't interfere with sub light and just plain undeveloped cultures. 
Maybe soon we can all climb off the idea of being assimilated as it was with the Borg.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Guess I got screwed by another big woman. I'll let Shelly handle it. But you sure learn, don't Trust Yankees.

This is really what I got, for $100.00.  From that Mandy what's her name that found me on Facebook, which btw is not a place to recruit new hire employees from. What you get by recruiting from facebook, are a bunch of flakes and drug broads looking for a free ride. So what I got from Mandy? Screwed.
 That is all I got out of it and we're not talking of a pleasant screwing either. I didn't get any fun out of it, just nearly $200.00 spent for zero results. The only thing I can conclude is, that we are doing all the right things in the wrong place and working with people who have no damn idea what the frig they are doing. One thing is, with every one of these incidents, one more thick layer gets placed over an ever going tender kind heart. I'm going to get like Charley. If you don't produce, if you don't directly contribute in a way that benefits me or the organization, no pay. This is exactly why 8 years ago, that the Club put a 90 days prospect period on any new outside of the Club hire. You produce, do some thing we can sink our teeth in, or your gone. It's that way. So No way on Miss Mandy, just hope I can pull out of the $450.00 that I owe on my own rent. The Club has decided to base in Twin Falls, and I might have found a place over there if I can secure it fast enough. having a reference Like Charley, and the size of a company that is equal to ours or a bit larger helps. This is exactly why years ago, that Charley took care of my money for me, so that a sweet butt and a sexy set of eye's couldn't  take me to the cleaners, that said I'm getting smarter. While I can't legally go after Mandy, for the $100.00 she stole, still, I can lean on a few of her employers and associates. More over was good to shake that mess before it did me any more damage. 
Want money from me, your going to earn it. No more giveaway's. 
In closing I want the area and world to know Many, does not represent the Iron Knytes Association or any part of it, in any way. Likewise she does not represent AyreWolf aviation, RodeWolf and/or Highway Hooker Toewing in any way, and she is not involved in anything regarding SouthernSteele Productions, KnyteWolf Media, and or HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM Radio.