Saturday, August 19, 2017

WolfPack economic developement

Last night via Google Group conference services, the Knytes and the WolfPack of the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association met. First while much of these kinds of things go un-noticed dig this; on the boards of both our organizations, is the obtaining then construction of two dining places in Twin Falls. The first is an Ole Cracker Barrel in the area of the new Walmart there, and over on the other side of Blue Lakes blvd. A Hooter's. Yes sir, a Hooters. And why not? At first many think of Hooters as being a place with gals in near naked attire. In reality the name Hooters is from an owl, and the food oh the choices and taste are unmatched. In Buhl, the Hq of SouthernSteele Media will be built, and in Jerome, near the airport there a aviators style bar and grill, is on tap. 
Okay then; the Miss AyreWolvez project keeps grinding along, but may have a new direction. In an all out barnstormer at the Gooding County, Raceway near Gooding next year, in that of both a DukesFest West/AyrePower AyreShow. Watch here for more on that.
Our Radio show is slated to air Sunday afternoon at 15:00 Hours, due to both me to Church, and two the massive power outage here caused some IT problems which we still need to cure.
On that; While at times I think that Cable-One throttles us back considerably, I don't think its all their fault. In that two jerks in Etown Wyoming that worked on both our main computer and our two laptops, had no clue as to what they were doing, or did it not quite to WolfPack standards. It was three months waiting for our laptop to get repaired by PC Innovations there in Etown, who tore it apart, dropped it, and reaked terror with the poor little feller. As such it was only until Cody-Lee did some tinkering did it come back together. As far as the main computer, while a new hard drive was installed, still it is not what should have been installed or with the kind of horsepower a online radio network needs. So is it our current ISP? Or is it just the computers? Most likely a bunch of both. 
In any case I'm dragging after last night so I'm headed for the rack, see ya'll on HazzardAyre tonight at 8:00PM or 20:00 hours for you military types out there.

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