Saturday, August 5, 2017

When your crotch smells like sweetened tea

So today woke up at the usual, time well, sort of. I usually on a Saturday awaken my weary bones and mind at around 13:00 hours. Nope was requested, no I was ordered to be up and ready by 11:00 hours. Of course I was, however another infant arrives in the jungle, at 07:00 hours, one of Crimson's people was dropping a baby. So it was a no show at the Rode House. So was requested to visit Crimson's house. Where I knew the information meeting was not going to very productive with children's and all, but I stressed through it. Don't get me wrong, youngn's are fine, unless you haven't been around them, along with diapers, temper fuss's and all, its difficult to meander through a business meeting with tens of hundreds of interuptions. I don't know if these peoples understands the complexities here, nor the seriousness here. But this is not the way you go about forming both in front as well as behind the camera talent and formulating a plan of action. Since I have no idea of what swamp I'm plowing through. Seems as though my authority got threw out with the bath water, and I'm just along with the ride. My response? Bullsbreath. I'm the senior VP of the Knytes, Executive President and administrative officer of the AyreWolveZ and I'll be John Brown if somebody else is going to push me aside. To a small degree and not by much but enough to notice, Nurse GoodBody helped, but she allowed me to retain command and thus my dignity. Which this is becoming all but that. The concept if both shop and office/studio don't bust loose soon, is Buhl, and back in Hazzard, not Wendell. The only I'll be doing here is sleeping, eating, and stinging  my Shelly. I had three times the labor factor there in Buhl, and Buhl, being only a mere 15, miles from Twin Falls, and that our FCC license is centered there, might give some though, of hey that might be a better place for the bizzness side of this gig. 
Okay then, got home from the indoor sauna steam room, and was just a smidge away from doing my on air bit, when I discovered that one of my audio ports to the console had went teats up, so spent the hot afternoon doing a rework rewire. Of course as I did, over at Crimson's , it was hot and I sweat. Now most people sweat has the smell or ammonia and salt, a person like myself with type 2 diabetes, it smells like sugar water. And our urine smells like sweet tea, or something very similar. So I did a bath and got clean, except that the pole holding the shower curtain fell down, followed by covering the room with water as I always shower off, so now need to wait for that to dry.
So I now am waiting for the Rode House to cool down and then attempt a airing of HazzardLyfe Radio at 01:00.
In betwixed my honey Shelly will call, then its up again at 09:30 to ready for church. 
Until then see what happens when I get awakened before 11:00 on a Saturday? 

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