Thursday, August 10, 2017

want to see how fast a new hire at Ch-11 gets fired?

Do you want to see a new hire or recent hire get fired? Or at least seriously get less air time? Catch this, if I say online here or on my nationwide radio show heard online at I'll gurantee you this pards if I say I like her, she'll get bumped faster than a bad bag of taters off the harvester. See they got a new blonde intern over there that could turn out giving Brittney Cooper a push out the door. She's bubbly and seriously talented,(wish she worked for us) along with the fact that entire news staff needs to be phased out and new brought in, including Joe Martin who has been there it seems forever. Heck he's getting a face like Mgruff the crime dog. But now that I have said I like her, watch and see if she gets the boot. I just hope when they do, she comes and works for HazzardAyreTV. 
The Knytes and KMVT have had a on again off again feud for going on 20 years. I don't realy know why since used to be all broadcasters being a sort of family, but I think its because one afternoon right before the 1st Dukes reunion show on CBS, that we as a supporting company and organization wanted to advertise there, on that with KMVT, and them putting off a meeting due to a Latham Emergency, a year later Latham Motors, the original Dodge dealer in these parts , went out of business, due to a host on atrocities, and such. Guess KMVT should have bought in with us huh? Any mile, that was the first stumble, the next was during one years running of the Twin Falls Fair there was a huge wreck out on 84 here. Of course our tow service got called, and I video taped it, did a newscast with the first on of the story. Guess what? Not only did KMVT copy the written part of the story, but dubbed our video. Shortly thereafter, I called em on it. Ever since if I go into KMVT, the silence kills, and you can almost hear the crickets.  Two years prior to that, when I offered to call a truce, I met with the new GM, then in 2010, submitted our story board and part video for our ad, got a call back saying our ad was over the top. Okay, but a similar shop, did about the same kind of ad, they got accepted. Problem was that shop got caught for dealing nose candy. OOps KMVT, did a double do-do. 
If anybody else does it, its creative, if we do it, it seems its seen as a bunch of renegade bikers, wanting to get a touchy feeling. Which is why the push to erect our own TV station here and why I'm working to gain talent for the radio studio so that I can get real eye candy for our TV station launch in 2020. HazzardAyreTV as its planned will be a serious mixture of HeeHaw, Dukes-of-Hazzard, Airwolf, BJ & The Bear, and SOA all blended together with a better version of RFDTV. Yes it can still be done. I also think too, that when I got fed up with the small pipeline for exporting our air traffic out of here online, that the bandwidth of not only Cable-One, but that too of PMT, CenturyLink and SpeedConnect, I relocated to Utah. Because of that KMVT thought the threat was gone, relaxed and sat on their complacency. In reality, we were just retooling for an even bigger hammer blow right between KMVT and all others right between their eyes. 
In closing want to watch a newbe at KMVT get the axe? If I say I like her, she's gone. A example? Michelle Darcy that was an anchor there that we consulted with many times. Once KMVT knew she was working with us, in the organization, they gave her the boot. 
Like the dust from the fields around here, some things never change.

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