Sunday, August 6, 2017

There ought to be a instruction sheet for men who have to deal with women when Mother Nature shows up each month

I am convinced that there needs to be a book or instructional manual for men so we know what to do when Mother Nature arrives each month.
In the sphere of life, no other creature meandering the face of our planet more confusing than the human species female.
None of the other creatures are this messed up. From the ant to the vicious carnivors one or the other is the master of the family circle. In ants its the queen, in the case of my 4 legged counterpart the Wolf is the Alpha or numero uno of the pack. What he says goes.
Okay then; during the course of their monthly, they do not feel attractive or able to satisfy their guy. As such, any lady that enters his immediate vision, has every bad name and description attatched to her, even though she might truly be a great associate and helper. Women are also very territorial. If another woman enters what the Alpha female of this strange species, she will rip the fabric out of the household in protest. Even if the guy never intended on entertaining an excursion with the more, shall we say better attributed woman. 
Now I had thought that when I relocated here to dear sweet Wendell of a population of 3500 and my and I repeat MY Alpha SheWolf Shelly, knowing that messing with other women other than you mate, is against our church doctrine, would have stopped these flare ups. 
Two things enter in and we'll explore more on the show overnight, but if it were not for the fact that on my list of priorites, of Heavenly Father, LexiBelle(my tow truck) The 214 and the USMC, and the Knytes/WolfPack, that she is priority 1. Whether its the actress's models, on air anchors and co-anchors. Those become friends, do their jobs and go home. They get a pay check, and beyond that they are them, I am me. 
Now there has been the point brought up that something smelly is going on tween some of our new hires here. Even if I was interested, thing is the fact them gals have childrens, means I ain't even thinking of anything romantic. Face it, nothing destroys a mood than hearing that the magic model has to change a kids shitty diaper. Amongst the several things entering in there, baby shit no matter the gender is the worst smelling and disgusting thing on our planet. 2: seeing a new born reminds you that hey mess with that, and it could BE YOU getting that letter from the child support office. No way. I love keeping my options open. Look friends I love my Shelly, ain't nothing going to mess that up, including me, and yes the monthly financial contribution Shelly makes to our household and the Club is important, but I'm with Shelly because I love her. Just wish someone would write an instructional manual of how to deal with women , when mother nature shows up.
See ya'll on the radio.

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