Sunday, August 13, 2017

There is always a mystery in the shadows of the domestic forest And women who hold your attention

There is always a mystery in the shadows of the domestic forest. Things you never thought to look for and then the ones you might have suspected yet did not want to look at.
Did I misread Crimson? Did I not look at the obvious of Danicca? Was it the need to get a project to reach its conclusion that I was blinded by a bit of ass sniffing? What ever it was or is, I really messed up, but thankfully nature and the great spirits put a stop to most of it before it got out of hand. 
I'm beginning even at this old age not to rely on what you see online, no matter the source, and sniff things out well before taking action. It's days like this, that I'm thankful that I am not the President of the Knytes, and only the EXO of the WolfPack, not its presiding President. The responsibility of having to appoint and monitor all too many outsiders and trust they will be what we're looking for in on camera and in studio talent and anchors on our radio network, is a great burden, to carry and accomplish. Since 1979 this has been my mission or my place in the Knytes, to be the media chair. The thing is, I'm not able to do this as effectively as I used to being that the resources for doing so have changed to to many era bending conditions. Yes, once upon a era there was the ability to recruit model talent and such with a notice at the tasty Freeze here in Wendell, or a post on a community board at the Artic Circle in Buhl. Not today with the creeps, and fear of all too many , such things are best left to talent agencies in big cities. Not saying that I'd like those services at a serious discount, but how much do we really save? Considering the time away from the studio, shop and out of the truck, going to meet and greets , turning my home inside out to interview new applicants, only to have them not show, is why through the Club, the decision to process this kind of thing will soon be done through a contracted agency, and not us. More importantly not me.
What way too many of ya'll have forgotten. Is that in a month or so my Sweet Shelly, will be here living in my home with me. While not completely being domesticated or pussy whipped, still by this time next year , I'm walking down the isle and saying my howls of I do. Once that happens, my days will be occupied by a wrench in my hand building bikes, a steering wheel in my hands going toewing, my evenings on the air and the rest of my time with my Shelly. That means with no one or fewer of anyone willing to step up to that plate to take a swing at bat, on these talent gigs, handing all of this off to an agency that can do it, is the best decision that can can be made. If a few people in my town here want to bite my ass of , "hey you could of hired someone here local," My response is simply, " We tried, but the local availables just were in too much fear or to stuck up to pull their heads out of their ass's." Nuff said.
Cable-One is doing a firmware up grade so no radio show over night, from Midnight to 05:00. 
Last; 2-1/2 weeks ago, just by pure accident saw this gal at church, named Alex. She was a bit of a wyld one, but has more to her than outside looks. Not that her looks are bad, she could equal and rival any cover girl I have seen in recent memory except maybe Nurse GoodBody. Nobody went up to her, or greeted her or anything in church. I thought two thoughts amongst several. First I thought you arrogant bastards. Is this what the Savior taught you, to push aside those you find different? Second , I have been there. You go into a LDS Ward, and it seems as though everone has to check you out before extending a welcoming hand shake. Yet from the word go, Alex is interesting in her thought patterns, and she's no dummy. While I have no interest in her from a romantic nature, still, would not mind pursuing a path to bring her into the fold of the Club. Speaking of which, we have a new pledge for the Club. His name is Zach. 
More later,
headed to bed, been doing fire control most of the day, via air assualt, so I'm bushed. Only good thing? I got to fly the sorties.
L8R Aviators,

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