Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The original work at home business on earth is farming

I grew up in a marvelous time and era. The mid 1960's to early 1980's was a fantastic time, solid head banging rock, disco, and traditional Kountry music combined to entertain us. Having an old transistor or small radio on your tractor while cutting or picking up hay was a real treat. I got to thinking about this the other day when criticized about me being able to work at home and having my business based where I live. 
The original home based business has to be ahnd most notably is, farming or as it is properly termed now days, production agriculture. You woke up at home, you worked in the fields next to your home, fed critters and livestock at home, you flat worked, lived and recreated at home. Bout the only time you left home was school, or church. Maybe to a nearby mini store for your fave flave of your groovy Skoal, or Copenhagen of which there was only two, Skoal and Copenhagen, past that if you were lucky, Happy Days Mint or Rasberry, beyond that it was simple.
As far as my main source of income being toewing, build a shop if ya'll didn't have one on the farm or where you live and throw up a small sign. My cousin Bud did his insurance and such business from his home. 
Little today in the way of business is done from home. However I must be the eye of envy here in Wendell. I don't commute anywhere, I wake up at home, do my radio show from home, build custom bikes in a tiny shop out back from home and I can do most of the busy work as far as the WolfPack/Knytes from home in a small office. About the only thing I don't do well from home any more is audition and interview honeys for our pinup poster girl projects. The reason is three, too many women are chicken shit, of coming to a residence/office, two most times its an unsafe condition from both genders. Mostly because hey she can say something strange happened even if it didn't, and three, learning from several situations in both Utah and Etown, my SheWolf don't like strange ladies in the Rode House, so I search for an office just for that. Past that don't need one. I like working from home, calling my own shots, taking breaks when I want to, and even not working some days if I don't want to. 
Okay then and I want to get this out there. See next door to me are 3 of the sweetest , smartest and innocent young and I mean young girls you'd ever want to meet. Their Mom and Dad have done one helluva job raising them, from within the Church, Daphne, Jullian , and Cloey, are always visiting with me. I go out to have a pinch of Skoal or drink my morning coffee, and they'll just come over and start chattering. Especially Cloey, she'll talk like a magpie if you'd let her. However I keep them at least at least a half of a lawn away. Why? A few years ago, a friend and mentor got pinched because some neighborhood girl came over and while visiting sat on old Les's lap. Her mom got in a fuss, and filed charges. It was small town politics, and the towns need to get out a car collector out of town. Les would no matter how anyone wants to say it, would ever hurt anyone, little girl, older woman or the many boys and teens, who Les had taught, myself included how to twist a wrench. But because of that one innocent interaction Les is doing life in Prison for L&L. I have heard this about some clergy as well as LDS church officials getting a bit too touchy feely, and their parents, mostly the Mom's. I think that much of that is that the Mom's are envious of the attention and wish some guy including their husbands would give that much attention to them. 
That said; all too many consider southern kindness to a child or tween, is too much attention, so I hold the neighbors kids at serious distance unless the mom or dad is outside.
In when I watch such TV shows as Andy Griffith, I think, my what would it be like to be able to reverse the rotation of Earth and time, and go back to a time, young boys could go to a family farm and ask for a job from without risk. Real or imaginary.
The Original home based business is and was farming, too bad we can't go back to that time again.

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