Thursday, August 10, 2017

Something brewing in the valley

I'm convinced that there are way too few still in our valley here that remembers our southern confederate based, hot rod club, but we are still growing my a force of magnum 10. The fact that all too few realize a full blown radio station is being put together here in Wendell, Idaho, is just such an example. Originally created in 2009, in Gooding Idaho, the Knytes-of-Dixie aka the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association, has online on 10 channels of, and our a online station there at , yet too little outside print ink, let alone the local TV station here. Has not been given our just notice or spotlight. 
The old adage of silent but deadly applies here. While the Knytes(knights) don't want a spotlight or relish one, still the projects of our club deserves one. 
If your wanting to contact us about anything on our radio project you can call 208-944-9137.

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