Monday, August 14, 2017

One more show out the door ain't it good I didn't rent a big assd office near my neighborhood?

Looks like a misty day here in Our Hazzard County. Rain supposedly all day. Means a nice cool day for ye Old Wolf here to catch some needed sleep. 
Got through another show and its now in the can as its said now I'm nearly off to my bed.
In years gone past I'd get pissd really fast when those in heels and pantyhose would not show to spend some time with me on the radio. Any more I say who needs these gals? Sure it does add some pizzazz to the gig, of me keeping you company inside that radio in your rigs, but the fact is, while gaining an on air side kick on the show would be nice with the very limited supply of able talent its just no longer possible so for that while not counting it out I'm in no big hurry to hire anyone to do that task. The 6 hours I spend with ya'll on air overnight is just fine.
Want to say to the fine lady on facebook on the group thereof who does this thing called Gooding News. There might and I say a big MIGHT be a possible of a collaboration of some sort, but its nice to have a source on traffic and weather that I can tap into.
With that and I can't count how many times I have busted my behind on finding a more out of my domicile place like a pro office/studio to do the radio thing. But as I also say why? Why, obligate myself and/or the organization to a facility until I see at least 2 or more on air radio talents come through the door? 
Any way eye lids heavy I'm headed to bed to dream of my old square eyed Chevy that I named LexiBelle. Now go out and give em hell.

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