Friday, August 4, 2017

Okay lets smell some toes in nylon hose a great way to rid me of the blues of the news of big Ron

First the tragic news. Ron Adams aka Big Ron passed away last night due to congenital heart failure, and COPD. One of the original 9 of the Hazzard County Knytes into all transisions of the club. Big Ron was the chief bean counter, and managerial officer of the Knytes, beyond that main bass guitar artist of Jimmy Mac and The Black Diamonds our organization's garage band. 
Details on funeral and all coming Monday.
Working out some details on the old computer, most of it works except all the updates. In essence computer programs are not connecting to the internet. Although the Internet is okay and I connect still my internal programs aren't so will be farting around with that. 
I outlined this so many times that if I had a dollar for each time I bark about this I'd be a billionare. 
That said, here goes again.
I wont bore you with how it started, but thing is I rate any new applicant for our poster girl/pinups the same way, as the thing is, its not just a one time, in, out see ya gig. I recall most of our good talent for TV ads and magazine ads in the future, from who I select from the pinup gals.
The main piece is the attribute to capture my attention. That is evaluated from following instructions or suggestions, I make. The main one is how extroverted is the applicant. While it started as a bit for an ad for our toewing service years ago, about 1982 or so, it's been an ongoing method of , " if she'll do this, she'll do most anything we ask within reason." That one bit is having a new applicant come in for a interview, wearing nylons, not fish nets, but genuine nylons, with scented or fresh washed feet, having her put those toes in those hose against my lips and nose. An applicant that can do that, is one that I choose to further the conversation. While it is a thing that all too many ladies treasure their footsies and all, the fact is its a trademark we made, that in no uncertain terms defines my toewing service and defines us as an organization as the true men of mayhem, and a bit odd that means a true fight the system, anti-establishment organization. 
So then, Crimson, texts me while I was out doing my thing in the radio room. Says one of the gals that got in touch last week was coming over, to be ready and so on. Two parts of protocol that disturbed me was Crimson, wanting to take over the pow wow. In reality I'm the guy in charge, this is my duty, and when I get a slight disturbance in the force or dinging at my authority, it slightly irks me. But we are getting some results.
So the gal shows, no hose, no smooch of the toes and not much of an interview. Okay it was only a meet and greet, but 10 minutes don't do it. I want to know the who, that is going to represent our organization to the public as a visual talent. Its us, what we stand for, who we are and all that's on display everywhere this talent goes, as where she is seen, whether its a TV ad, billboard, or going into Anchors Bistro in Twin Falls. If she's not extrverted, radical, and a rebel, then she's not going to fit in here very well.
In my arena here I'm the tame one, and the most mannerly. The rest of my brethren aren't. 
Back to the other computer.

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