Thursday, August 24, 2017

Oh and I forgot about this and some of my final thoughts this morning

Here's my final thoughts for today, before I go into rest to prep for tonight's radio show.
To those companies out there making chemicals to give and keep men to have a long time stiffy, and so on. What we don't need is chemicals outside of what's already in our bodies, what we do need are women, that look like women, dress most of the time like a woman, with just a smidge of devil woman and somewhat Angelic. In essence a woman that looks hot, and doesn't bitch every time you rather us male corpuscles goof up. That's how to get and sustain a stiffy even as us guys get older. The fact that ALL men have sexual fantasies even into our mid 70's until most of us drop dead, is no mystery. We don't have trouble getting and retaining an erection, what makes our peckers retreat, is when our women neglect and forget the techniques they did when most of us were much younger or at least met. Instead of needing a pill, us guys need a thrill, so go read a good book. Like Quivering Jello, by Sue Rogers( or Dr. Ruth's Guide to better sex. Dress for the occassion, look hot, wear things that are soft and sensual, not just lay flat on the bed all naked. Most guys don't like just naked, There is nothing that kills the mood faster than looking at something that looks like a 200 pound bag of flour, or smells worse than that dairy farm we just finished working at all day. 
Okay moving beyond that, this protesting and bitching about so much that is happening in our nation. My absolute thoughts are simply, if you want to complaign, go put on a damn uniform, I don't care which branch of our military , just put on a uniform, go through basic training and serve for at least two tours of duty, then you can come back to this nation, and bitch. Don't want to wear a uniform? Fine, then shut up. Same goes for all those crabbing about the destruction of our Confederate monuments. I agree that should not happen, but what the hell are you doing about it? Sitting on Facebook and such just making noise, or hammering out stuff to be on newsfeeds? Here's an idea, why not support, something like say us here at HazzardAyre Radio, Or HazzardLyfe Radio? Spend some of that beer and smoke money, even take some of you cannibus and meth money that all us tax payers are giving you, and support us here at SouthernSteele/AyreWolfFM Media. At least me myself am taking money from my pleasures to fight for and support our cause of retaining and all of our Confederate military and those that were part of it. Do you realize I spend just under $2,000.00 a month out of my own pocket to keep our radio and TV gigs going? To paraphraze a song by Janet Jackson, " What have you done for the Cause Lately?" Look you support CSC TalkRadio with money(at least sometimes) which is good, Beth ann Does a great job, but how about supporting those of us with gray blood in our veins that still get a dreamy head and whose eyes water when the Dixie national Anthem is played. How about just taking say $50.00 or $100.00 a month out of your dope and booze funds, and sending it to us? That way we could buy time on FoX news Channel, and so on to tell the story of the Confederacy.  Oh yea you didn't think of that DID YOU? When Tomi got a swelled head and most of you listened to her just because most of you dreamed of having her in your bed, as did I, hey at least I'm honest about it. But It only takes one stepping out of the embraced protection of a network, to get your butt booted 
 out the door. Now I fully understood what Tomi was talking about on the View TV show that got her butt booted off of the Blaze. Tomi did NOT say she was FOR or AGAINST Abortion. What she said was , she did not think it was right that the Government had any right to be in your bedroom, and/or tell you what to do with your body. She also was gripping the concept that if our nation is going to be sexually active everywhere that's up to them, just don't expect us tax payers to pay for your PG prevention pills or for guys the schools to pay for our rubbers. That's what she was saying. As for her, I respected Tomi as I respected Howard Stern, for having the Ovaries and Gonands to say on air what they really believed. Just like I do, yet many of us with a smidge amount of independent original none scripted thought are bad mouthed, shunned and just plain hated. 
Until America from Wendell Idaho, God Bless and Take Care until HazzardAyre returns tonight over night.

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