Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Not in my county and most deffinately this ain't the way it ought to be.

I had a few set backs today, it started with going to the Verizon Store in Gooding. The twitch behind the counter had no idea about what she was doing, and I had to pay the bill with my company credit card. Strike two of my day, found that in truth that Frank of Frank's Stockman's bar isn't all that sure of what he's doing, so rescinded the concept of leasing the place. So the search for a location for the Reaper Club continues.
While it would be great to reverse time and go back or rekindle the fire that burned bright as the sun of a time that you and or the Knytes and the WolfPack were the guardians and royalty of the area, today we live in a time, that all too many  throw out offers, not really intending to follow through with the offer. This nation really needs to rewind the clock, and get back to the easier ways of life, when the Dukes-of-Hazzard was on TV, building fast and classic muscle cars, trucks was a great hobby, and where you never worried that when you go into a McDonalds as happened last night of stepping out and finding a man stabbed in the parking lot, and in part of a robbery attempt. This is not the way this county should be. My promise ya'll this , this crap will not happen in my County. As long as I and the Knytes are breathing, the riff raff crap will stop. 
Okay then something on the plus side.
The Knytes-of-Dixie aka Iron Knytes Association, is hoisting up the pole the most ambitious awareness project in 10 years. Included in this is a $150,000.00 talent contract for the lady who is crowned Miss Hazzard County 2018 to represent the Knytes and HazzardAyre Radio etc on TV ads, billboards and print ads. More over to be at the various county fairs in the area, at our booths at those fairs.
More later, and yes I'm having a bad sugar day today.

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