Friday, August 18, 2017

Must be that damn Eclipse or something, sorry about last nights overnight show it was a tech gurus worst nightmare

Hey ya'll I'm about to head to bed. It must be that dern fool Eclipse or something but most of our digital gear including computers were really acting up something fierce. So as always I muddled through, but it wasn't what I had planned. I really wanted to get into the junk about the killing of the heritage of our beloved Confederacy and all, but every time I wanted to jump in and go LIVE, something else in the system went sour. It was not one of my best efforts. I don't know if its the antiquainted electrical system of this older house, or what but the sound quality was not what I liked and hasn't been. I don't know if its Cable-One's pipeline, whatever it is, change is on the immediate horizon. That damn eclipse thing has everything stressed. Call it system overload, but its completely stupid the way folks are carrying on. IDOT and AAA are warning motorists to expect delays, dispatchers at most police departments and such are beefing up, its mind boggling. As for me I'm planting my butt in my bed, and enjoying a few hours when the sun is behind the clouds to get some serious shut eye. I don't give a mooses butt, about this eclipse thing. That said, watch the damn thing on TV and stay off the damn road. Just stock up on beer, Jack, spuds and such, plant your butt in that big chair and enjoy. Who the heck needs to go stare at the moon blocking the sun? Some things they ain't telling you. The atmosphere and science shit, on this, means such things as internet, cell phones, and anything controlled by satellite and/or GPS is going to get fuggled up, as radiation and power surges are expected. Such things as chickens that wont lay, cows that will get mixed up and wont give milk, oh that's crap they did not tell you. But it'll happen. 
Now phase 2:
As you know me and Google, at least the department that does Google-my-business have been having a battle. Started out because just because we moved and I told them we moved, they suspended the listing on Google for Highway Hooker Toewing. Seems as though, just because you don't have a neon sign flashing pink, with a spotlight on it, they can't verify your company and so they pull the plug. However at least our secondary company RodeWolf Toewing is still listed. Its the same company, just rebooted. But I have tried everything possible but to no avail, so I yanked Highway Hooker Toewing from Google-my-Business, however we are still open and operational. Ever try to call their so called help fix it desk? Chute you get some Indian from Tipae somewhere who has no damn idea what a tow truck is. Yes they are that ignorant. I for one am tired of all these immigrants doing jobs in America, and these big tech companies like Alphabet/Google, or facebook or such, that hire these babbling idiots. It don't matter to them, except if you threaten to sue the dog turd out of them, and even so you'd be ready to do so, they'd just write you a big check, and blacklist you on Google, and with us that would be a disaster. So its best to just let that sleeping canine sleep, and not poke it. Alphabet/Google and facebook etc are like women, can't live with em, can't live without them, so its a catch 22. 
Any way will catch some zz's and get to producing a better show tonight. 

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