Sunday, August 20, 2017

Its just you and me tawking about things important to me and hopefully you too.

Well that's how Bad ass Becky starts her shows, on YouTube, although I'm sure hers sounds much sexier and smoother than that that from me, but what the heck. The next thing I'd like to bark about is the neighbor in my neighborhood with that swamp cooler which motor gave up long ago, that sounds like a mule with its nuts in a vise. Get some PBR blalster and give it a squirt will ya? Shhesh.
Have you ever thought about all the people you could sue, that screwed you in the butt? I have and the one that erks me the worst is Alphabet company aka Google-my-business. When we moved here only 3 months ago, I changed the address on our Google+ listing on Google-My - Business. Now because I did not have a big ass'd sign on our shop yet that designated it as ours, the little twat at Google help, suspended the listing. Now understand this was not no big deal in the fact that it was suspended , and the reason I changed it was simply, Highway Hooker Toewing, was getting tow call requests from all too many insurance, auto club, and heavy truck road service outfits, that we just could not respond to. Why, because we were getting called to Evanston Wyoming from Wendell Idaho. 4 hours down, 4 hours back two trip permits, 8 hours to snag and hook, how could I bill for that? I couldn't. But thing is I had to do that. Since then its like Highway Hooker Toewing doesn't exist. As such we are running off of just RodeWolf Toewing which serves the need, problem is the two listings gets us two places on rotation. That means more calls. As such, I've lost money. In the area of as it sits, $7k. Not a big amount and certainly not one that would get an attorney excited, but what about filing a small claims action? That just might get Google-my-business's attention, that you just don't mess with the way people make a living. Of course from the aspect of one of the WolfPacks's subsidiaries, the United Confederate States Of America, was made to change our groups name at least on facebook, to the United Confederate States-of-America Coalition. As a result, the page visits decreased, supporters especially financial supporters decreased. Could you sue facebook for making you change the name of your group? Looking into it. Nail ole Mark Zuckerburg a few thousand bucks, and see if the cat don't meow. 
Then there is the people in Evanston Wyoming at the Wentworth Apartments. Even though I was in the process of moving, at the time, I hadn't moved completely yet. As such their cleaning crew went up there, did salvage some things, but I'll bet not everything. As such I've lost valuable service manuals and even my underwear. Since I had not signed an official move out, and even though I was two weeks into July late rent, June's was paid in full, fact is both were not grounds for them invading my apartment there. My attorney says, I am in the multi thousand dollar range there and a hearing is on deck in November. It'll be about $50k by the time it gets done plus attorney fees that the owners of the Wentworth will have to pay me. The list goes on, but if you could sue everyone for breach of their word and violating their agreements, should you? In our case bet your butt.
In closing tonight, still having computer problems, so wont be on overnight and not until after church. 
Now I hope you enjoy, and if you did, leave a comment or two below. If not, here's my ass in your face.

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