Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's been said, look before you leap, it should be research before you move

It's been said by those much smarter than I that you look before you leap. It should be more a long the lines of do more research before you move. Not saying I screwed the pooch on the relocation back to Idaho, but thing is more investigative and market research should have been done before I moved from Evanston Wyoming should have been done first. Although I see promise, and now that I have a REAL house, here, still does the operations of the organization need to be here? More over the HQ of the Knytes/AyreWolvez? At this evenings High Council meeting that I really tried to get Crimson, her hubby James and Raine to come to, we are all a bit put off. The council is really looking at replanting the seed back over in the mini cassia area of Idaho, and operating from there. Not that there were no real challenges there on the human resources department, because even in 2012 we had the condition of one or two ants pushing big boulders up really steep hills, but we did get some action there.
I as of yet have no idea how to light a more serious fire under Raine's or Crimson's hind ends, to the radio/media thing, and if that was the only thing I wouldn't be so concerned. However I thought both Raine's and Crimson's hubbies might be more ambitious since have a full blown super shop and tow service here in Wendell, might be a good motivational thing. The real tragedy is that the people sitting on both the piece of property and equipment near McCammon Idaho, are getting impatient. Loosing $300,000.00 worth of equipment for the mere $50k we're paying will not be seen as a positive to the Knytes. Nor myself. I know what Mark has there in McCammon . I drove one of those back in 1998 from Tennessee when Mark bought it from Holmes. A genuine Holmes rollback, one a Century, the other a Jerr-Dan. Not to mention several other draggin wagons, and as it is even if I bought em, where the hell would I put em? The place just outside of Jerome is gone since that got rented out before I could get to it. But can't go find shops, can't find radio station studio offices, when your having to stay at the Rode House here waiting on model talent and on air talent, even though you hire someone else to do that and yet there's always an excuse that she nor the other can't be here. So I'm doing two things, starting to look for other ladies that will take the job as a talent and talent management administrator seriously, two finding if any other model talent to photograph for the website so I can get that produced, and start generating money, not just wasting time. That all said, Next week taking a week or two away to go look at the ideas of places in Burley, and/or Rupert for a place for HazzardAyre/AyreWolffm .
Taking the night off from radio duty overnight but will be on at 08:00 in the AM.

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