Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In our eyes loyalty is everything as well as trust. If you don't trust you don't really love a person.

First out here, we are having tech problems with things IoT here so no radio show until early morning. I have came to the reality when working computer things, you best have a box of Goody's 
 and a bottle of Jack Daniels ready. That's the Hellbilly way of dealing with stress.
I have been seeing a bunch of traffic from our Charter President and member from Etown. Seems he and his still are going through a bad time and struggle. He loves her, but I think she's only there for the ride, not the destination. Loyalty between Club members or that of a relationship are measured by how well someone sticks with you, even though the going gets bogged down. I have been very blessed that through some powerful inspirations and all that I got my Shelly. Even though we had some near drop dead dragout fights, we are still together and even though at struggles with money and all, we get through. My Shelly helps where and how she can money wise and support wise. As she can see the gold at the end of the fence where others just see a struggle. Same goes for our Charter President in Etown, good Rick is busting his ass and his don't seem to care. The thing is, when my ass was hanging out in the wind and freezing it was Rick that came to the rescue. Sure Nate helped too, but not as loyal or in the strength that Rick has. When others wonder why I left Etown, it wasn't the cold snow and deep cold. It was the fact I got kicked out of my shop, just when things was about to start earning money. In that every single insurance company, from Allstate to GEICO was calling us for insurance tows, AAA was calling us for tows, even though we are not a AAA contractor, the list goes on. Coupled with the fact that our property manager there never did fix or have fixed simple things like a shower faucet, and the raise of the rent there, coming home to Idaho was my only affordable option. If it hadn't been for those things and the fact Etown never did accept me nor my Shelly, very well, I might have made a 4th attempt at remaining there. But life goes on. Our Rick, there in Etown , knows that if I can he can depend on me anytime and at in any way to be there for him, and I know I can depend on him. But its not just Etown and it's stuck up or other attitude. Even here in our end of Idaho, we are still having an uphill struggle with gaining on camera talent for the website, and me for my company's website. Its that same restriction that plagued us in Etown, 
 your either a Church goer or your not. If you are you get, if not you get the boot. While not everyone is a Church member and there are times I wonder about that in my book, whether I'm going where I need to, I can say that if it hadn't been for that little Church Ward in Etown, and its leadership, I wouldn't have ever been able to recover from my initial move there and rescuing my gear from Utah, nor the ongoing problems that I had there. Unlike where I am now. While some aid has came, it isn't equal to that , that I got in Etown. 
Even though there is a considerable distance from here to Rick's kids and all, in many ways, I think he would be better off here. But at present he must decide that. Relationships, in love , and its not much different, whether its brotherly love as I have for Rick, nor the tender he&she love that a man has for a lady, in my case Shelly, in Rick's case its Steph, but in all regards relationships are built, not just happen. I'm there if Rick needs me.
More on air after 09:00 hours this morning.
Stay Tuned.

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