Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I have no objection to obtaining a Fembot. Maybe then I can get something going here.

After months upon months and all these many years, I'm thinking that a tech company who could make a FemBot would not be a bad thing. In fact you could design her to do anything, even having automatic guns coming out of her nipples, as in Austin Powers Spy who loved me and Goldfinger. 
 or to keep you company at home. No weird moods, no babies just shagadelic all the time. 
 of course it wouldn't hurt too bad if you had Heather Graham prancing around the house, even today she can bring Herman out of a deep sleep, 
 but where are you going to find that hot of a gal in Wendell Idaho, last time we had that hot look here was in 1975 her name was Vernna K Mason, here stats were 38-24-36 right to the inch, I know because as one of our grad duties in school, was to measure her with a tape measure. That said. Having a co-anchor on radio might be great if it was a fembot. Think of it, no moods, no monthly, no babies, no sick days, and you could program her to serve, without any fussing. You could kiss her toes in nylons all damn day without the stinky sweat, rolling into your eyes, and if your lucky, could design her without a going dry vee-jay. Would that be keen?
Okay going to make this quick and I'll have it up on tonights show, but the correct answer to the question of trivia that I mentioned last night is, Tony Blake on the hit TV show Baretta. He always said , " That's the name of that tune and you can take that to the bank." The theme song was sung by Sammy Davis Jr. More on our 80's show this weekend. Included with Talking Toew. We'll be highlighting many of those grooves from the moves of Shaft, and others be here.
Oh How it would be to have a Fembot.

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