Monday, August 14, 2017

I didn't know you had to have a Temple recommend to comment in the group, and its getting chillier.

I didn't know you had to have a Church Temple recommend to comment in a group or on a page. Seems as though the Church's hairs raised on that group from Gooding Idaho. This is not the first time that this issue has risen nor will it be the last. But its one of those simple things that restricts the progress of our agendas and aspirations. If some people can't accept the slight naughty impressions or images on our postings, then they probably were against things like the Dukes-of-Hazzard, and Daisy Duke's shorts or might have raised an eye brown and got their feathers in a ruffle over the pinups and nose art on military aircraft. Images that are far more tame than anything they might see on TV. The fact is, its purely superficial, and maybe its time the said Church in question needs to take off its blinders and realize that their so called preteen and tween offspring are seeing much worse than anything we ever thought of. But then too we use what we have available, its not like we have a parade of beauties prancing through the studios, in more shall we say church accepted attire. This is something we have been working on for at least 20 some odd years, in pictographing good looking ladies with rides in family acceptable threads. The problem is there are none or very few that take us up on the offer, so we use what we can glean from the web, which is completely out of our control. 
But then that's more likely why we have been the men of mayhem for near 50 years now, and why we get the deed done when so many others fail.
I'll be ranting on this over night tonight into early Tuesday on my radio show.
This same racism, because that's what it is; is why I stopped going to Church, in the first place, and began attending our Sunday morning religious get together down by 1000 Springs resort. At the Amalgamated Church of Dixie, we gather, sing our praises to Heavenly Father, have a lesson or two, break bread , drink some wine in rememberance of the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins, without judging others there by what they wear, what they drive and such. If you don't have a 3 piece suit, believe that Heavenly Father made a beautiful woman to be admired, and the only thing you have to wear are some old jeans and your vest, so be it. Your there to worship God, not put on a show for your neighbors, nor should you shield your eyes or children's eyes from reality and images that are pure. After all like words themselves, its how you define and all the word, not what it is commonly thought of. Goes back to a former post, or two. The word Hooker is commonly believed to define a lady of the night. In reality at least to us it means a tow truck. The word Pervert is rendered from the word pervertion, in essence to make something different and change a way of common thinking. The inclusion that the word pervert has anything to do with any sexual content, is the meaning that some ill informed and bigoted scholar attatched to the word. Not what it really is. Paraphrazing words from Waylon Jennings, don't you all think this politically Correct stuff has gotten out of hand, and attempting to correct or purify something that is perfectly innocent is just plain arrogant. Wake up America, and especially that group from Gooding.
Oh well can't please everyone and even Bambi had critics.
See ya'll on the radio starting at 23:00 hours, that's 11:00PM for you none military folk out there.

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