Thursday, August 31, 2017

Can we really get Windows LiveWriter back for Win 7 or even 10?

So went out and saw a great lady and her husband from the Wendell Ward here, to get my new pants hemmed. We got to talking and I nearly decided to ROI, for a while, but am venturing over to Rupert for a look see. Not making any firm decision yet. Hell I just got here and I'm not in a big rush to relocate again, besides my rides are not up to it for now. 
So we ROI, make good, and see what blooms. 
Alrighty then; So was searching for a definitive answer on the age old Microsoft program, LiveWriter that came as a bundle with Windows Essentials. Microsoft pretty much killed that off leaving only defender as a program, on Win 7 and Win 10. With that said most of the rest of that bundle got tossed about 4 years ago. 
Writing the many blogs and news pieces I do, for the WolfPack and the Knytes, who although don't comment and they are the only ones who can, do read the news pieces. DoD and such prevents direct log in, but those aboard certain Naval ships and installations have access so they read since as it is now 60% of organization members remain deployed. So Window's LiveWriter was a great program. But no longer available. So as I said did a search, found a open source program that said it was Win friendly, except the program is written more for Win XP, not 7 or 10. So what did happen to or is there a replacement for Microsoft's LiveWriter? WordPress does get some of it done, but thing is even WordPress pretty much divorced LiveWriter and isn't too fond of blogger either. Adobe Publisher used to be good for this application, however since most of Adobe is now absorbed by Novell, even that is no longer compatable with LiveWriter. So what's a blogger enthusiast to do? The search continues. 
Got meetings today with two of our new crew, and the run to Declo, to go see about my alternate pad, in case things here in the neighborhood situation escalates further than what it is. Which ain't good. That said, its groovy that wile there are some folks here that don't like me, things I'm the second demon of Lucifer , still there are many who still do. 

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