Sunday, August 6, 2017

But can you hit the right hole please?

How many times have you bee doing your carnal duties and heard the voice of your lady say, " Damn it will you hit the right hole, please?" There I was finally getting some relief when I heard that. Nothing except seeing a near or pretty near new born baby will make a mans tool shrink any faster. Unlike women, a man can't just stop. Serious health concerns and issues arise when she says," Will you please stop?" We can't. Despite the notion that a woman likes to take it all night long, the reality to the condition of the situation, is smacking that cervical tissue, hurts, nearly as bad as someone bopping you in the nose with a ball pean hammer. The fact is there is an ending and not always a happy one. After 2-1/2 years of doing without, and all I just could not wait. A gal I have known as long as I can imagine, was at the Boars Nest West preve eve, talking became action, and lets just say, I'm fully relieved. 
Okay then, was getting the disturbance in the force from Shelly all night during my show. Yes we got that one off too, last night, albeit not without a few bloopers, but we got there right to the climax. Music fed well, ads ran on time and equipment fired on all cylinders. Gues the $400.00 I spend on behalf of the Knytes and all on this radio gigs pipeline is doing its job. 
For once the absence of nylons on legs did not bother me, the fact that it was slick Lycra yoga pants with a sizzor cut in the right place tended to give all the velvety feelings that nylons would and trust they gave ME wood. Goes to show things do go better in Idaho. 
Thanks to all who tuned in. Now I need to catch some sleep, as church hits at 11:00 hours.

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