Sunday, August 13, 2017

Big outfits like Facebook know only one thing, money, want to get their attention ? Pull your ads and don't advertise there

If you want to get the attention of big social medi giants like Facebook, Google and the like, grab their wallets. In essence stop your payments even if through Credit Card, at the bank. Don't ever advertise there, or for very long. Reason, once you find that you are not doing very well there , and your dollars are not producing the desired results, but you want to stop completely. I tried that but the facebook gurus don't take heed or listen. So in the morning off goes the money flow. Your better off putting up a free ad on CraigsList than spending money on facebook. Pretty much goes for Pinterest and some of the others. It's the free ones that catch eyes, not the glazed over ones of facebook.  Example; Of all the talent searches the Knytes have done over some 30 years, the ones that were the most successful were the ones on both (when they had them) the free classifieds on Yahoo, and our free posts on CraigsList. Of those the best is gaining Nurse Goodbody. The rest on facebook and other have produced a bunch of just gave birth partly engaged wanna be' talent that could blow their noses if their brains were dynomite. Sorry. At least not in the high octane of bad girl/ evil woman style modeling we're always looking for. Hell even the strip bar honeys stay away from us. That said, the style of talent we need is not going to be obtained from Idaho,Utah,Wyoming, and I'd be surprised if even Seattle or Portland Oregon would render anything better. So searches in such areas as Hollywood, Nashville and in and around Dallas are being done. The restriction is obvious, its a religious restriction. LDS based societies don't cotton much to Vertically challenged riding hoods being eyeballed by the big bawd Wolvez. As such, sniffing at their toes or heels are taboo. In essence get away from the Mormon ball and chain and there might be some success.
The real deal, finding good talent on say facebook, or such ain't going to get you none where. So even if your seeing ads there on our pages, the Iron Knytes and all subsidiaries ain't hiring. The pinup and such projects have been shelved until spring, if they even happen at all, and all talent will be booked through an agency in Salt Lake City called TMG. 
As soon as we rather I get done with two computer diagnostics here we'll be on air.

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