Monday, August 7, 2017

Best plans can go arie and does affection come at a price

Your best plans can go sideways sometimes, especially when those plans get interupted. Example, got home from Church after snoozing through much of it. While the Sunday School lesson wasn't making me sleepy, Priesthood meeting was. With that, and it being Testimony Sunday, I heard many, but one from, Sister Smith, has stuck in my head and it does ring true for not only our Heavenly Father who a long time ago, I gave him the name Kahless
This is what God looks like, not the superficial images many have you seen before. That said Sister Smith said, do not wait for Kahless to reach down to you, you should reach up to him, thus with both the Knytes/WolfPack don't wait for us to reach out or down to you, why not reach out and reach up to us? So with that got home. And got into producing the show for radio, when it was a constant barage from Shelly, on the phone, texts, and Facebook. Most of you know I think of facebook as a tool, not a place to solve my problems. Yet there she was trying to be Miss super spy and all following me all around fb plus just being a pest. Grant me that yes I do love her shit I must love her if I didn't money or no money, I'd give the boot, but because I do love Shelly, I'm working under pressure to build a life again here. 
So did not get everything done so scrubbed the show and decided under very humid conditions to go snag some sack time.
This morning before Church I scarffed down a half can of peaches and a quart sized glass of milk. By the end of Church I needed feeding. So cruised to the Wendell Snack Bar, ordered me up a cheese burger, that was no bigger than a Hostess Ding Dong. Some baby taters, okay their really tater tots, but since I have been watching Andi Mack on the Disney Channel, on that show they call em baby taters. So I do too. Reason? Not Andi Mack but her mom, hey she rides a Harley. So that's that on that.
So about to the table, Crimson and Dani call, seems as though the diaper supply had began to stop or seriously slow down. With that said they meet me at the Snack Bar. The usual hug good bye's were longer, and even Dani gave me a hug. It's not that either did anything wrong and at that moment I was sorta broke, but there was cash in the stash, back at the house, but I never got to say that. It's not that Crimson or Dani, did anything except mess a step or two in protocol, but that said I caught a compliment, all is well. The skipped step in protocol? Both needed to remember who the AlphaWolf here is and who is the supporting cast. With the organization protocol is everything. It's , me Tarzan she Jane, or in other words, squaw walk in rear. Me Chief , she Indian. Not the other way around.
Th super fox at church was there today as well, but I think she's a bit spooked by ye ole bawd wolf here. As she started going to a different Sunday School class. I have also noticed that with not saying, the neighbors, with all the babes walking in and out here at the Rode House, that they have restricted the affilation of their vertically challenged little native American youngn's to hang around this big bawd Wolf. Seems as though many get this way, its a don't hang around the big nasty smelly bikers, but the same families will be the first in line to get a free toy at Christmas from our toy runs, or be the first in line to sign up with the Knytes to protect their little darlings from those that assault one of these little ones and all before going to court. It's called BACA, Bikers Against Child Abuse. The Knytes are a chapter of that group as well. If you live on a street or avenue where a biker or a group of bikers live, feel lucky and blessed, as your safer with bikers on your street than if we weren't. The saying goes, the Knytes do what the cops and/or the Church can't. Nuff Said.
Any mile Dani will be here at 13:00 so I'm out of here.

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