Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Be very , very careful, You have just entered a LDS Mormon only Zone

I don't always want or desire to bash or condemn the LDS denomination since I am one and in the last checking still in good standing there. Yet there are so many times I see and find that the LDS Church, well, maybe not the Church , but the so self labeled holier than though members rear their stuck up heads, in defense of decency that it stinks. As such, Welcome to Gooding/Wendell Idaho the sign on both ends of the two towns should read:
 Not that I don't like the church, or that I discard the gospel of what most follow . That being that, there are also many of them, and I mean , many of them, ever seen the families? The adage of, well if you can't smoke and drink , need something to do for fun so they breed. The big mini vans that entered the automotive arena years ago I know were invented by Church members, after all how else are they going to transport their mini armies? SUV is a term that is mis guided. It should be LDS Family Transport vehicles. But I'm just rambling here. Yet I see the members dropping childrens without much if any means of feeding, much less housing and educating them. But that's not what I'm intending here. When I see posts of some that say or veiled forms of decency in and of the club, are not understood to being much higher than a indecent under garment of a scantly cladded lady, I say really? Don't judge me and I wont tell the truth about you. 

I think you all get the idea. 
We'll be looking into this and other issues overnight on HazzardAyre Radio Talking Toew. We'll also be looking into the concepts of if the Church and community can't do it, who will? Most likely a MC or in our case a HRTC,(Hot-Rod-Truckers-Club) in short when the Bishop says no, the Knytes say yes, and how fast do you want that?
See ya'll on the Radio.

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