Friday, August 18, 2017

At the end of a Show I watched the question was asked, could the same thing be done now? Answer , not until people pull their head out of their anus.

I watched this fill in special program on FoX 14 here in Wendell, about how all that is, here came to be. The pioneering spirit and all, and this one old gal on there with a hens nose, said it couldn't be done today. I say anything is possible and for nearly 35 plus years the Knytes have done what others said couldn't be done. But more on that in a few minutes. In 1971 my Mom & dad, gave up their service to both the Defense Department aka/ Navy,Marines/AirForce. So they decided to pack up and relocate here to a very slow and stubborn minded area, called Hagerman, Idaho. Oh sure the farm and work we did, there was great, but the thing is as did the people in charge of building the canal system and all, saw , I also saw what could be, can be here and as such I was not content to just stand on the bank of the ditch setting siphon tubes. I saw film making, media, and yes aviation. While it was a law in Idaho once that to own a business in Idaho one had to have available both a pilot and a plane. I saw things not as they were, but as the should be. Lets move south west Idaho out of the early 20th even late 19th century into the 21st century I thought. So in 1973 at the crest of the big oil embargo that brought forth the fad of CB radios and such, on a weekend get away in Ogden Utah, that my mom and dad decided we ought to go go to, I sat down with the President , Vice President, and bean counter of a small mini bike club that had been established in 1968 called the Baja boys. That became the Street Commanders Club. 
In pursuit of a blonde going into the Gooding County Courthouse and landing in the County Extension office, where 4-H Projects were the county extension agent, myself and my dad sat down and created the first 4-H CB radio project, and group. That progressed into a junior truckers group, called the TeenAge Truckers Association that you all know today as the Iron Knytes Association. Over the course of the organization, things were born. From a radio station near West-Point Idaho, to a small ed TV station at Hagerman High School, under the direction of Mrs. Hobson, and Mr. Lyndsy. 
Then of course cam 1981 our General Lee Dodge Charger took home several awards from the then infamous Salt Lake City AutoRama, got some press ink from two enthusiasts publications, and in the fall, October 31st at a impromptu Halloween Party, a organizing meeting was held, and just one month shy of My mom's death , by her gift and a few others, the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association, was born, and became official in the fall of 83. The rest as they say is history. Yes there is Magic in this Magic Valley, a desert in the Mountains was turned into productive farm land and harnessed a mighty river to do it. In our case we took a bunch of renegade lead footed gear heads, and turned us into the ultimate force of an organization that grew by word of mouth, not the agility of the Web, or Internet. 
Could other things be done now that was done in the 1870's here? Yes, but only if enough people pull their heads out of their safe zones and quit tasting the back of their teeth through their anus's. 
What things could be done here? How about an affordable but extremely able Internet Provider Service, that would rival or exceed Cable-One. Cable-One is good, but for real horsepower you need to pay through the bleeding nose. Mine is the the $1,000.00 a month zone, with worse service than what I got at AllWest in Evanston Wyoming. How about tossing in a Internet Protocol Television station just for the north west side of this valley , especially Wendell, Hazzard, Gooding. Include our radio network, and run it both over wireless and wired Internet, 200mps up, 1 gig down. And have it cost no more than say $80.00 a month or less. There is more , but you get the idea, lets do more with what we have lets not give up. 
This past week, I saw all the noises and junk on the removal of Confederate monuments, and things honoring the Confederacy. All over facebook, page upon page upon page. Its that our Confederate ancestors were in some way responsible for the ill's of a bunch of crooked politician yankee's. If your not part of the force of change, your part of the dismal problem. The Knytes would rather be on the side of change. But even with all that, it was relaxing to watch, that special on FoX 14 that let me unwind, but inspired me once again. Got two other things, the shop we had in mind in Jerome is once again up for our occupency and made friends with the cat who runs the local drag strip near Gooding. Can you say DukesFest West and AyrePower, AyreShow combined into one big bash there? Now can we get a few more folks out there in our area including Mylinda, James, and others to pull their heads out of their Anus's and see and be visionaries? Or just those who like to ride along and glean our left over pickings? 
Be on air at 08:00 that's 8:00 AM for you none military folk. 
Stay Tuned.

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