Thursday, August 24, 2017

An Open Letter to Pinterest and the rest of the Tracking Cyber Trolls.

Here's an open letter to Pinterest and the Rest of the tracking cyber trolls. If your going to go through all the effort of finding my email address and sending me things of interest, why not at least look at what my pins, or my interests are? 
Here's an example. Got a suggested set of pins from Pinterest for our Pinterest suite for us who toew. Know what? there was not one of the suggestions, involving tow trucks, or any kind of trucks. What I got was a bunch of cooking and menu items, suggestions. Which would be fine in our Hazzard County USA suite, or that of the BoarsNest West bar and Grill, but not Highway Hooker Toewing. Its not just Pinterest, these ai trolls look at things but have no discretion of how or what or individualistic placement. I know, this would take a human with none logic direction to figure out where to put things, where to look and look over all the suites or pages of interest and then suggest items of interest from only those pins? Thing is Pinterest would have to HIRE a HUMAN to do that. I know, might need to HIRE an AMERICAN that truly lives in AMERICA, to do that and my we can't have that.
Okay then today is my last day off, until the 14th of September. On the 14th I'll be away attending school, for us who fly , so will not be on radio and very limited online. 
Days off are nice when they happen as a result of something happy. The last 3 days came though as a result of the loss of Sister Kay. The scum that caused her death will be dealt with as per a Mayhem vote and a SAMCROMC move, I'll let the rest of you know what all that means. 
As soon as I can wrap my mind around getting things designed and written for the show tonite I'll do so. 
As I close, got another someone that says she's interested in being a pinup. Seems as she has the tracking anklet and as such can't leave home for a few days. Hmmm, wonder why we get the so called baddies. In reality, sneezing these days in the wrong place can get you arrested. Heck one of my best friends in towing was dragging a rig back from eastern Wyoming last month. Needed to unload his bowels so with no rest room near by, off he went to the nearest sage bush. So happened the guy was seen by a Game warden, who propmptly cited and arrested our friend for the pollution and destruction of natural environment. Result? Our friend is on house arrest, for 6 months on a Fed arrest, seems as where he pooped was BLM property, fined $10k, and suspended CDL. Really? Just because the guy needed to poop and no other place to do it? Disturbing nature? What's more natural, than human dung? And does deer or critter dung different that human dung? It's like a few years ago, when I was courting a gal, in Tooele,(I was being used, and violated) So her 11 year old and her 4 year old, used to sit in the big easy chair next to me and I'd read them bed time stories. Guess what? I was so nervous about that, and justly so, One evening the fuzz showed up at the wrong time for something different, but because these two very young females were in a big easy chair next to me, I was taken to the police station, and while I got out of it, still since then , being around young childrens, makes me so nervous that I avoid it, even if its in Church. 
Any way Pinterest, and the rest of you Tracking cyber trolls, if your going to offer me items and pins you think I'd like, figure out my interests and what pins to put in the right Pinterest group. Or just don't send me any suggestions. 


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