Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You know its going to be a very bad when:

You know your going to have a crappy day when you go to take a swig of your morning java and find a moth swimming around in it. So as I contemplated going to the shop or not and getting in gear for a Monday, thought can't do much with the low fund level in the bank, so with that got under the fan and ac and went back to sleep. With just getting into dream space, tow call, but it was from Etown. Yep Wyoming. On average I'll get 18 calls minimum a week. Of that 18, 8 of them still are coming out of Etown. From every motor club, every one of them from Allstate to GEICO has 
 on the top of their call lists. You may say , so why did you move back to Idaho? Because I have a deep down love and honor of loyalty for the Knytes as well as the WolfPack. They want the HQ of the organization in southern Idaho near where the organization was founded so with 70% of the Council to do the heavy lifting on that still deployed, it falls on my shoulders, If it weren't for that would have moved to smaller Montpelier Idaho or at least Soda Springs where I have my extended family. So why else did I move? The greedy property manager of the shop I was renting got tweaked. No rent for two months. My fault? Sort of and sorta not. See Shelly and I got unplugged in March, so no extra cash in my stash. While my pal there Rick, is all cool and such, still I wanted to reunite and resume what he and I started last year. But lady pal of his said no. Add to that the rent on my place went up to near $600.00 and when I saw a 3 bedroom house for $500.00 a month I jumped at it. This way I can serve the organization, increase over time my tow volume and earnings, and regain a life I lost in 2013. But as with any growing it doesn't come without some pain. 

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