Friday, July 14, 2017

You can fix fugdugly but ya'll can't fix ignorance.

Some people have smarts just too arrogant and ignorant to use that intelligence. Here's a pure example: The Wentworth Apartments that nobody except if you happen to be ultimately in need as I was should rent a domicile from. For near 2 plus years I rented a apartment there albeit a struggle to pay a always rising rent rate plus utilities, heat= $250.00 per month, Power= nearly the same but I made it barely with the help of my church ward there, and then the cost of the shop, as well as the manager downtalking the radio gig there, and never coming to me for tows of dilinquint vehicles nor ones needing repair. Add to that when at the end a bath tub faucet that went belly up, fix it guy there put in the wrong thing which I got burned several times on, add to that the costs of fixing my car after it got stuck several times because the owners were too damn cheap to plow before it got deep, then there is the damage to the Subaru, as well as the $6,000.00 of my big tool box of SnapOn Tools. Both of which there is a police report on, and yet according to Janet, upper management is bitching about me being a week and a half late on rent. Now if there wasn't my videos, and underwear not to mention my dishes and service manuals, I'd tell the whole damn bunch to go suck an egg. Sounds like the need for consulting a attorney. Sue the bastards once really hard, plus the physical, injury I had last winter trying to climb the stairs that lead  up to the dwelling I was in, and you can see that them not locking me out of my place until I can come fetch the rest of the stuff I own out of there, is not a good idea on their part. What makes this extremely juicy, is that their upper management is less that 3 hours from me and under Idaho law they have to conduct business under Idaho Law. Which means legally they can't hold anything of mine until I'm duly served documents. After I sue I'll just sell the damn thing called the Wentworth to Crofts, and be done with it. One thing is for sure, Its nice to rent from a nice guy who is the owner for now of my WHOLE   HOUSE, instead of some power hungry manager and firm that is huge. Which is good, because they company has deep pockets. A round figure of $50,000.00 is about right.
Was near to getting on air last night except need two power cords a jigsaw and extension cords for my big computer. If not worse Cable One pulled the plug at 01:45 this morning so was offline for about 3 hours. Funny the TV is going, shouldn't the internet? 
Okay one last thing and I need to plug this in here because it relates. The only thing that equals what I had in Etown versus southern Idaho is AllWest Cable and Cable One. I'm paying nearly the same, but the difference is: AllWest is locally owned, and my account rep there Mindy Broadhead, kept me and HazzardAyre Radio connected from the time I got there until after I left. With Cable-One, there's times when ya'll want a discussion with them but you get the long song we'll be with you soon tune. 
Outside of that I do miss my church ward there, and argue or not , there's good people there including my Bishop.
Yes sir; you can fix fugdugly but ya'll can't fix stupid or ignorance.

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