Thursday, July 13, 2017

Who the hell are you who likes my facebook page? Muslims, Japs and none Americans go like another Facebook Page, not mine

Every day I get at least 12 new likes and nods of likes to our WolfPack Page, here. Thing is, its always by people not of naturally born in this nation, or at least not born of the Confederacy. My advice to them is simple, not a naturally born American, please do not like my page. Your just not welcome.
The next question, is it a fact that you have to import visual talent from Seatlle or Utah? Also found that one of our treasured has committed treason. Yep, Nurse GoodBody decided to join up with Seattle Talent, and is teaching classes. That kind of hurts, just about as bad as one of our members starting his own toewing firm in Wyoming. Any more I'm at a point to where, if you want to be a pinup model, or chair person at our agency, you best show up on time, stick your stockinged feet in my face and say suck toew. Anything short of that hit the road. 
I have spent way too much time, auditioning, dinning and meeting with up coming talent, that its starting to make me ill. Except for Mylinda and James and such, the rest that has responded to our ads on fb, and all were not worth the time or my headache to mess with. 
Mylinda and I have been chatting about starting an agency here, in Wendell and eventually establshing an studio/office in Twin Falls. Rake off 10% of models wages but training for free, in a real not restrictive method. Something that will build real talent for real placements for them and our agency. If it really takes place, it'll be all Mylinda, with the Knytes/WolfPack as support only. Past that I have no use to it.
Big day today rebuilding KTOW today, hope to be on air on Saturday.

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