Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What there is here are a few mindless drones, the WolfPack will not be assimilated and resistance is not futile

Every once in again, its a groovy gig to be in the spot that the WolfPack put me in in 1999. As the XO here, it is my responsibilty to interview and conduct business. Yesterday I was put back a few times by Crimson, and felt like my input was not important. However I healed and from upper command was told now that you have hired her let her do her job. This would be fine if we lived in Hollywood, with sound stages and indoor photography sets and 8 months of sunny weather. As the month of July approaches its end, the filtering of visual talent, i/e model talent becomes its time to crap or get off the throne. 
One came in last evening that at least for me, that felt like another waste of my time as well as added stress on Crimson, who had a shitty day as well over to a big car dealer giving her problems.
Any mile in comes this Sara gal, who, first had no idea or had a clue of what the gig was all about. First Sara didn't know who Howard Stern is, and second had never even watched SOA. How can this be? Sure I can understand not having a minds grip on the Dukes, since Sara was born in 95 and was at least a decade too late on that, but not knowing who Stern is and even never had watched SOA. How can you not ? SOA was a 7 season, blockbuster TV show that focused on the lives of a made up 1% bikers club, and the family and brotherhood that makes that up. As far as Howard Stern? Come on, You'd have to be fairly stupid not to know who he is.
The main reason we as a group, and organization takes on these pinup, modeling, promotion details is to shine a spotlight on our radio gig, seconded by mainstream recruitment for and of the club, and last but not least as a courtesy to me by the Club(s) to allow me to get some glitter for Hazzard County Choppers as well as RodeWolf Toewing here.  It's not, repeat NOT to enduldge me in getting my rocks off sniffing stinky toes nor anything of that nature. As for on air radio. If Myself or any of the other 3 members of the WolfPack are going to occupy a 10X10 radio studio for 6 hours, she had better be someone I can get along with and can relate and enhance what I'm doing on air. If she can't its time to give her the boot. 
Then there is the somewhat confusion of The WolfPack and the Knytes. Both are related and most observe the organization as a whole unit. With that said the WolfPack is focused on the history, and honor those warbirds that flew through many conflicts, from World War 1 all the way to today. We rebuild, restore, and yes fly those aircraft today. The Knytes, are focused on 1060's through the early 80's street muscle cars, the Iron Knytes, focuses on the delight of and the lifestyle of old aged iron heavy and mid sized commercial over the road trucks. And not just pick-up trucks. All together we have a great organization. We do share common bonds, in preserving southern heritage and history, honoring the Confederacy and giving those southern ancestors their just thanks. Of course where we live there is that 5th side, of life rural America and the machines that aid our farmers to plant seed and provide food. That 5th branch of our organization, came by accident. I was shopping for some Deere paint at a Utah Deere Dealer, met up with former Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan, and it came to pass an organization called the DeereDazzlers Association came to be. 
One of the other parts of our common bonds, is that we refuse to be assimilated. We are all individuals, and an organization that refuses to be what many call normal. As it is said in the Dukes theme, we fight the system. If it were not broke we would let it rest. But the system has been broken since Lee and Grant signed the truce in 1865. There ain't been one single honest politician in any office since. The one that was, was shot in Alabama his name was George Wallace. Our liberties ,freedoms, have been bit by bit, stripped away. There is no longer a seperation between political parties, we might as well call em Republicrats. Resistance is not futile, we as Americans need to fight and say enough is enough, and that means our small brethren in the WolfPack,The Knytes and Iron Knytes. That's why we do radio, and eventually TV. That's why we do pinup model things to focus attention on our media offerings. And yes sometimes I have to take the bull by the horns or in this case the bra by the nipples. 

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