Monday, July 24, 2017

Welcome to paranoia

The other day the atmosphere here at the Rode House was at best thick. Seems as the newness of the exploration of on screen and in print pin up stuff tween Crimson and all the thing is while a bit out there seems there wasn't enough happening fast enough, plus the inability to meet some of the other club members and all has Crimson a bit of sitting on the fence rather than just jumping in.
So tonight I want to open this up by saying, that while the project of resurrecting the founding Charter of the Knytes is noble enough, due to many projects that the club has dumped hundreds if not millions of dollars into over the last 5 or so years including the gig in Gooding Idaho in 2009, without the same tree producing fruit, is why I'm not in a big hurry to call a High Council meeting to meet these people. The failure of Gooding was simply greed by a ignorant real estate broker Rick Strickland, the idiocy of the Gooding City U.S. Post Office and my Cousin Bud, in Utah. Bud was suffering from memory loss, and a ton of health malfunctions. But he sent mucho money, yet The Gooding Post Office lost me, yet it was the same delivery person that delivered my mail only 8 blocks from the studio. When I moved from that tiny house in Gooding to Bliss, I moved the radio gig into an office space next to H&R Block there in Gooding. Which is where I met Nurse GoodBody and all. We had a good crew, and was on the verge of going worldwide on XM Sirius. Getting paid $300k a month all we needed to do was get our gig together. Yet with no rent being paid since I got lost in a system, of the Gooding Post Office and Rick Strickland one evening when I went to dinner, came back and was locked out. Talk about sneaky and crooked. Was there all that day and he couldn't say anything? If there wasn't a statute of limitations on such things I'd sue that prick for multi millions. But hey I through the Knytes, Erin, Todd, and others rebuilt. Yet the Council is very reluctant to dump millions of dollars back into some place with only two young ladies and a promise. Once there is at least 10 or so applicants for the opening we have and at least 3 applicants for on air for AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio. There will not be a big stampede to getting a more formal facility, nor a big pow wow, meet and greet. Especially with both Oshkosh Air Show and Sturgis that many of our brethren are flying and riding to. Give me a reason to raise the Wolf Signal 
 and Crimson and Hubby can meet and drink with all the Knytes and WolfPack they can handle. 
The concept of this being a scam came up, and what I can't understand is this; Nobody including myself has asked anyone including Crimson or any talent, for funds. I think these people forget we pay you not you pay us. All we ask for is a few hours of ones time, and a bit of both loyalty and dedication. I think too many of these ladies have forgotten, I'm not prowling, I have my mate, its my Shelly, whom I'm dedicated to 200% , the basic idea here is hot bods with rods, birds, and bikes and a select bunch of trucks. In something other that slutty threads , bikini's or them wanting to go to bed. 
More this afternoon, need my sleep.

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