Thursday, July 20, 2017

Us and them and am I asking too much of our town too soon?

If there's any day completely off for me I'd like to experience it. 
Wednesday is one of the days off I take to nurse my old body and bones back partly healed and operational. Yesterday was one of those days. First get out of the rack figuring it's going to be a full day of Star Trek Voyager, take in some soothing pampering. Nope tweaked on my computer, and noticed that there was a gal interested in our on air and/or pin up project. So I waited up until 17:00 hours, she came, but after an 3 hour interview thinking we had somebody at least that matched me intellectually come to find this morning she wasn't interested completely and all she did was keep me from getting things done. Plus send my Shelly into a tizzy. 
Thing is I don't mind doing the work, the problem is I'm beginning to think that I'm asking too much of the valley way too soon. Reason I do it? I need to make money. Last year and the year before, between radio and weather and such I lost $20k that I could use now. Putting a gal on the side of LexiBelle to do a print/TV ad and billboard slick will let all know the pros in toews is back home and ready for action. So I push on the toew smooch and outside of one, all just run away. Plus outside of some rewiring radio station thing is about to fire. What am I to do if I get a toew call in the middle of a radio episode? Shut off the station? Had to do that last year and that's what cost the Knytes a tad over $30k in lost revenue. 
I have been reading here lately alot on gender bias. Women not getting hired, not getting paid equally, and even that Kountry music radio is more men favored than women.
The simple thing is men like me take a bit more of a risk and don't shy away from things that feel or is just a bit strange we charge right in. Where women, because of just being women, will fade away from anything that is a bit off or extremely sexually charged. Thus even though no harm many bark foul, and all I and most casting producers are left with tuna in our face. 
So earlier this afternoon I pulled most of the help wanted ads off of facebook. Fact is outside of Crimson, ain't never got diddly from any ad on facebook. My ads on Yelp, and Google my business, which are free or close to being free generates leads, and toew calls. But here's the meat of this subject, and I know it'll hit, eventually after we're a bit further ahead here with the radio gig, Crimson and seester, will show that this is damn well real, and watch the claws come out and the gals who ignored the thing, will be lined up all the way to the grade school. Trouble is why do we have to go through so much of a dung pile to find qualified people? And it ain't just honey talent either. With RoadeWolf/Highway Hooker Toewing expanding to the degree we are, there's going to be 35 trucks that will require a seat this winter, plus the running heavy equipment hauls. Not one person that has applied to our diver recruitment ads on facebook is even qualified. No ks, or TRAA or even Road Resque certified. No prior training nothing, and I'm supposed to be paying top dollar for novices? No way, it takes a certain kind of mule skinner and toew pro to get in behind the wheels of my trucks. 
Any mile my powder is spent, I'm headed to bed.

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