Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Too many beers leeds to at least 12 Lynchburg lemonades

So then the Dark Ravens MC and the Knytes did our best and became victors. Nurse GoodBody was the only person of the female brigade there and cheered ud to our victorious game termination. No peeps from Shelly as of yet.
So off we went to Franks Stockmans bar of which the finger steaks were delicious. I figured two beers dinner I was out of there. Nope its a major reunion time. I caught more hugs and small smooches than any time in the recent years. The guys came over to the Rode House got Lil wolf up and going and back to Frank's we went two more Buds but I got bored. My test of a bar tender is simple but not as popular as it once was. A Lynchburg Lemonade. A bar tender worth her ability can't make one she ain't no bar tender  . But Ronnie made em, and now I'm feeling no pain. Make no mistake here I'm committed to my lady Shelly, but there were plenty there tonite willing cures the  strange Hawiian illness, called lack of anuckie. 
Today unload the truck and get the radio gig going.

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