Sunday, July 16, 2017

There's something about a females perfume in a house where just men occupy its intoxicating

So there twuz dreaming of flying the lady, when Crimson strolls in announcing she had a model visiting interview. Okay so I thought where is my pants? On the bamboo sofa. So I had Crimson, fetch my pants, of which I need new ones of since the nice lady I rented from in Wyoming turned out to be a real bitch. Can't retrieve my stuff they changed the damn locks. I'll get into this later here.
So got my drawers on and venture into the office. Here's a new face, no lady skunk pee on her , but Crimson had some on that was making me a tad dizzy, in good way. We had our pow-wow. Seems Crimson's fancy GMC has tranny probelems. Under factory warranty I can't work on it, but bet I could repair it. Crimson had to have Sonny's from Mountain Home come fetch it. Thing is, if she'd have thought, I could have went and got one of Charlies and fetched it. It's good to make friends with your toew guy. 
Thing is Crimson found a tiny frog inside the Rode House here, of which I only seen him once, in an hour or so. Kitty will fix that problem. 
When its just male corpuscles in a house and all it is or is smelled is bacon, sweat, beans, and beer , the sweet oderiffic aromas of lady perfume of any kind signals an immediate stiffy. Which is one reason I sent Crimson off to fetch James, more testosterone and less estrogen makes a no fly or open fly zone. So the very hot seestser and I chatted a bit, and James and crew showed up.
Monday we'll get down to deets on the gig here with that, the only thing I fear when I hug Crimson, is she's so skinny I think I'm going to break something.
Monday by phone I'm getting into attorney's. Jonny has as his Father inlaw a high powered attorney, and I can tell you this, The Wentworth is going to suffer as well as the buttwipe at  Chad's there in ETown, who took me for $600.00 and now because Nate fixed my mini truck, have someone to testify. Etown took me for just over $20k, I'm going in for the kill, for about twice that amount, maybe a few there should ought to have treated myself and Shelly a bit better don't ya'll think. I'm just so thankful that God answered my prayers and gave me a path to follow to get out of there, more over am just as thankful to have a staff once again, in both Crimson and James. 
Now in my way; I always find it puzzling that I get trashy emails in my junk box asking me if I had intimate relations that I could touch who ever it is's breasts. Has anyone ever read my profiles? Want to get me curious ? Ask me if I want to be lathered in her toes in nylon hose while I put the meat to her. Then they might be on the right track. It's like you'll never hear hardly if ever on a movie, " Hey do what you want to the girl, but leave me alone." Or , " Hey sheriff we're going to screw you now, but we're going to screw you slow" But we don't mind seeing or hearing the words, " Sheriff we're going to kill you, now but kill ya'll slow" 
My ongoing curiosity of things especially legs and those regions of the human body, goes back to even age 16. After getting introduced to these erogenous zones by the Dukes-of-Hazzard's Daisy, I always thought why are the legs, and feet and toes always ignored? After all , all nerve endings are terminated in the feet, thought was and is; make the feet and toes happy, and your most erotic dreams will transpire. Most women say that's not something they would choose. Yet few women will ignore a good foot rub. Ya'll can take it from there . There was a sex-a-tery that worked for Leroy's wife up here in Wendell, One day while wiring their office for then ISDN telecommunications This sex-a-tary came in took off her heels saw me there, and rather than scream or throw a fit, lets just say we enduldged. So why are the feet and legs ignored more over the toes ? 
Just once I'd like outfits like Pinterest, or those sending spam junk mail, would get the idea. Show me hot toews in hose, or don't show me anything at all. Hope Shasta and Crimson wear some on Monday when they show for work.

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