Saturday, July 29, 2017

There are those who are on Government payrolls and those of us on it that work hard to get off it

There are those of this union that due to circumstances beyond their control get placed on the Union Governments payroll. In my case two of them , one a military pension the other is SSI. Not proud of the latter just a fact. In that latter is the condition they control how much you can make, before they start wittling some off. I hate being told where to shit and when. 
Now there are some 70% being single unwed mothers who can't seem to keep their legs closed and suck and intake peinus and then collect money. Used to be the more kids, the more money. Many in the welfare agencies decided to curb that, but still honor it. Then of course there are many who get on SSI and will do anything short or perhaps commit murder to remain on that Government safety net. I for one since I got on that SSI train have been busting my ass to get off of it. I'm fortunate in that I get a bit of extra cash in my stash both from the Knytes and all but its so little I just about break even every month. Yet we'll more over I will get fought from every point, for attempting anything that can and would put more cash in my stash and allow me to bid adue to SSI. I'm also very thankful to my Heavenly Father for the kindness from the LDS Church Ward in Etown Wyoming for what favors they gave, while I was there, and for the gift of a real Earth angel our Nurse GoodBody Erin. There are so many that contradict my methods, but many do produce results, although slowly. I also am always grateful that for the most part I seldom lack creature comforts or if I do its for a short time. 
The brotherhood and sense of family that I have from the Knytes and/or the WolfPack is something few will ever know unless they belong to such a family. 
But a man is not a man really unless he stands on his own two feet. But damn it must I have to fight like David to gain any traction? Seems as though the concept of carrying on of my company trademark of smooching toes in nylon hose to gain this 
 seems a bit misunderstood and even cast off as a preverted fetish. The true deffinition of that is come rain or dry day or night I'm willing to respond to a call to rescue the downtrodden in their time of need for being towed. Yes I love toews 
but that half of the equation seems lost on many simple minds, only thing many brains is that I must be getting my Jollies huffing the musky sweat off of some smelly feet. Trust me although not as bad, but even so womens feet and yes toes in or out of nylon hose do stink. Some worse than others.
Now this relates to another subject but must be said here. 
Criticized as I am for the admiration of the unsung heros of walking, the female feet, toes in nylon hose, dig this; of all the pages and groups that we support and have created on Facebook, " Nylon Lovers of The West" is the one that catches the most likes, and views. If I'm lucky and even the club is lucky we might get a few likes on the other pages and groups, but , " Nylon Lovers of the West" has gotten 50 likes so far and keeps growing. To me it has nothing to do with sexual gratification at all, its a method to getting people of this nation and those that visit our nation, to pronounce the word TOW like TOE , not like hCOW. which many do. But like Highway Hooker Toewing that toe smooch catches the eyes and gets retained in the brain. Its called creative and solid marketing. 
I say this as its getting more like fall, less like summer, the snow will be falling soon, and LexiBelle
in wants to be out there doing her part to put money in my pocket. We as a company have the chance to take on 8 more trucks. In all be the biggest tow service in this area of Idaho, yet since we put the banner on the pole of both fb and elsewhere for pinups and poster girls, the call if answered has went unanswered if someone showed up here, if the toe smooch was mentioned they left without any kind of response. Excuse me ladies you wear and do worse after 10 shots at the bar, so why not make a few bucks standing with my truck for an ad or two? 
Yes there are those that are on Government aid and there are those of us on it busting butt to get off it.

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