Saturday, July 22, 2017

FreshAyre PT5

Well the fat lady sung and split. Not surprising. See it's one thing to be out in the yard photographing a truck or bike and another being in a 10X10 radio studio for 6 hours. Doing radio takes a certain personality and attitude. It's a shame, when you take time to schedule a meet and greet, and follow up with a on air class. Then they don't show. If Mary thinks she's going to find a better entry level radio spot for what we pay, I'll buy ya'll a root beer. 
Then there is tonite trying to open time to view a Disney flick that Disney has been pumping up like a Sumo wrestler blowing up a balloon, that despite all the huffing and puffing, totally flopped. A lot longer on both pre production on stage and post editing would have made a better film. 
About the last frame got a tow call, on a semi that supposedly rolled. Right, got there all the driver did was run off the road. We were done in an two hour time frame. 
With all that said some 411 to relate. In 2000 at a time the Knytes were in the throws of rebuilding Cathy Johnson who I was having relations with, and I along with Lt. Junkert went to a Knytes pow wow up at Rupes Burgers, in Blackfoot, Idaho. Much was on the table but the decision was made that the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association aka the WolfPack would become the parent organization of the Knytes, not the other way around. 
This is where and when the pinup shit started. Although I had worked with many model types before, the concept of taking old military aviation style nose art pics and turning them into living photography and all presented both a challenge and an interest. 
Well ya'll get the idea. Today this is the style of photography we have in mind. Not nudes, no over the top sexually extravogant just birds, bikes and trucks with hot bodies to enhance the ride, not to dominate the ride. In all but a very few are adorned in nylons, usually fashion stockings, with the garter and all. 
Yet only one out of 20 we interview gets the idea. Even my lady gets it in her head that I'm on the prowl. Fact is, if I were just wanting to get laid which I don't since my body belongs to my Shelly, but if I was wanting strange rather than hire puss from facebook, or such, I'd take that ad money, drive to Wells Nevada to Miss Donna's or the Sugar Shack. Guess some women have trouble connecting the dots. 
It's 03:00 here got a long day, gotts to find the cause of my check engine light on the General, plus begin the rework on LiL Wolf.

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