Saturday, July 8, 2017

But can I at least have a taste?

14:00 hours came and no Heidi. 14:30 came and no Heidi, Crimson was getting a bit miffed and so was I. The excuse was her Grandma was on the verge of meeting the Reaper the real story Heidi wasn't all that interested. If an applicant can't show up for a simple interview what makes us think she'll show up for a time sensitive shoot? 
With a family gig to get to Crimson left, I tried to get the auto sprinklers going, but maybe I need to track down the heads and dig em up. With that I took out for Frank's which was dead for a Saturday night bought two cocktails for a couple of road bro's three more Lynchburg Lemonades, and came home. Only to find I had to fight with Micropuke to access my prime email account. Still can't .
So I get down to Frank's and there's Sabre looking really hot, however she wasn't the one taking up my attention. There was this very older lady in her 60's short skirt and very black nylons. Shows that no matter the age you can still look hot. Going to find out who she is and have Crimson give her a jingle.
Okay its now been roughly 5 days since Crimson came to work for the club. Crimson is moving in here at the Rode House. Let me refine that setting up the office here at the Rode House. I'm still waiting for her or another applicant to put her toes in nylon hose against my lips and nose and say have at it.
After all don't I deserve a taste? 
Big day Sunday, might have the station up and operational by Wednesday.

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