Saturday, July 29, 2017

There are those who are on Government payrolls and those of us on it that work hard to get off it

There are those of this union that due to circumstances beyond their control get placed on the Union Governments payroll. In my case two of them , one a military pension the other is SSI. Not proud of the latter just a fact. In that latter is the condition they control how much you can make, before they start wittling some off. I hate being told where to shit and when. 
Now there are some 70% being single unwed mothers who can't seem to keep their legs closed and suck and intake peinus and then collect money. Used to be the more kids, the more money. Many in the welfare agencies decided to curb that, but still honor it. Then of course there are many who get on SSI and will do anything short or perhaps commit murder to remain on that Government safety net. I for one since I got on that SSI train have been busting my ass to get off of it. I'm fortunate in that I get a bit of extra cash in my stash both from the Knytes and all but its so little I just about break even every month. Yet we'll more over I will get fought from every point, for attempting anything that can and would put more cash in my stash and allow me to bid adue to SSI. I'm also very thankful to my Heavenly Father for the kindness from the LDS Church Ward in Etown Wyoming for what favors they gave, while I was there, and for the gift of a real Earth angel our Nurse GoodBody Erin. There are so many that contradict my methods, but many do produce results, although slowly. I also am always grateful that for the most part I seldom lack creature comforts or if I do its for a short time. 
The brotherhood and sense of family that I have from the Knytes and/or the WolfPack is something few will ever know unless they belong to such a family. 
But a man is not a man really unless he stands on his own two feet. But damn it must I have to fight like David to gain any traction? Seems as though the concept of carrying on of my company trademark of smooching toes in nylon hose to gain this 
 seems a bit misunderstood and even cast off as a preverted fetish. The true deffinition of that is come rain or dry day or night I'm willing to respond to a call to rescue the downtrodden in their time of need for being towed. Yes I love toews 
but that half of the equation seems lost on many simple minds, only thing many brains is that I must be getting my Jollies huffing the musky sweat off of some smelly feet. Trust me although not as bad, but even so womens feet and yes toes in or out of nylon hose do stink. Some worse than others.
Now this relates to another subject but must be said here. 
Criticized as I am for the admiration of the unsung heros of walking, the female feet, toes in nylon hose, dig this; of all the pages and groups that we support and have created on Facebook, " Nylon Lovers of The West" is the one that catches the most likes, and views. If I'm lucky and even the club is lucky we might get a few likes on the other pages and groups, but , " Nylon Lovers of the West" has gotten 50 likes so far and keeps growing. To me it has nothing to do with sexual gratification at all, its a method to getting people of this nation and those that visit our nation, to pronounce the word TOW like TOE , not like hCOW. which many do. But like Highway Hooker Toewing that toe smooch catches the eyes and gets retained in the brain. Its called creative and solid marketing. 
I say this as its getting more like fall, less like summer, the snow will be falling soon, and LexiBelle
in wants to be out there doing her part to put money in my pocket. We as a company have the chance to take on 8 more trucks. In all be the biggest tow service in this area of Idaho, yet since we put the banner on the pole of both fb and elsewhere for pinups and poster girls, the call if answered has went unanswered if someone showed up here, if the toe smooch was mentioned they left without any kind of response. Excuse me ladies you wear and do worse after 10 shots at the bar, so why not make a few bucks standing with my truck for an ad or two? 
Yes there are those that are on Government aid and there are those of us on it busting butt to get off it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You know its going to be a very bad when:

You know your going to have a crappy day when you go to take a swig of your morning java and find a moth swimming around in it. So as I contemplated going to the shop or not and getting in gear for a Monday, thought can't do much with the low fund level in the bank, so with that got under the fan and ac and went back to sleep. With just getting into dream space, tow call, but it was from Etown. Yep Wyoming. On average I'll get 18 calls minimum a week. Of that 18, 8 of them still are coming out of Etown. From every motor club, every one of them from Allstate to GEICO has 
 on the top of their call lists. You may say , so why did you move back to Idaho? Because I have a deep down love and honor of loyalty for the Knytes as well as the WolfPack. They want the HQ of the organization in southern Idaho near where the organization was founded so with 70% of the Council to do the heavy lifting on that still deployed, it falls on my shoulders, If it weren't for that would have moved to smaller Montpelier Idaho or at least Soda Springs where I have my extended family. So why else did I move? The greedy property manager of the shop I was renting got tweaked. No rent for two months. My fault? Sort of and sorta not. See Shelly and I got unplugged in March, so no extra cash in my stash. While my pal there Rick, is all cool and such, still I wanted to reunite and resume what he and I started last year. But lady pal of his said no. Add to that the rent on my place went up to near $600.00 and when I saw a 3 bedroom house for $500.00 a month I jumped at it. This way I can serve the organization, increase over time my tow volume and earnings, and regain a life I lost in 2013. But as with any growing it doesn't come without some pain. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Better to be stingy than spend a ton and loose it all

Okay fellow Wolvez and fans. I have heard all night about the lack of progress and all on the radio gig from the move from Etown here to Wendell. Plus how slow as a turtle we are in launching Anything. Understand our organization has lasted due to careful planning and not going Hogg Wyld on anything requiring money to be spent. We have money, thing is the founding Charter isn't so rich many expenses plus loss's from Waco and others have taken their toll, but we do get there.
I learned a valuable lesson in 1984 when I saw a sweet lady in Bliss Idaho, sink all her savings and money into a cafe that was then part of the Circle Bar up there. She made the best food and all but was seriously under capitalized . She had very little reserve money and little credit twice the Knytes helped fund the thing. Not just that , I have countless small business's go under simply because the spent too much money too fast instead of allowing the business and customers to catch on and catch up with what's offered. I have done that myself with AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio. Rented office studio space to go pro, only to damn near loose it all because of trying to expand too fast.
This is what led me to moving from Twin Falls to Ogden, then Woods Cross then to Etown. Sure I could urge the Knytes High Council to fund an office etc here in Wendell or close by, but until I see enough qualified radio people come in the door, or lady model talent for to make an agency for such, I'll be hell to be convinced in renting a big place. You don't catch fish by just reeling in the line before you hook that big catfish, and you don't make big money by wasting little money too fast. 
I lost two shops in Wyoming that way, and I ain't screwing the pooch in wasting money here or over spending. Get me at least 3 on air people and/or 10 gals to do pinups and such, then watch my smoke. 
My parents taught me to not use credit, if they needed stuff on the farm Dad made it, and didn't just go out and buy the latest doo-dad. Things were ruff on that farm, yet even today that farm produces the best crops in the valley, likewise the harvest of the sale of that farm is what funds the Knytes and the WolfPack today even if it is controlled by a bean counter in Boise. When Mom & Dad died they left just under $400,million in the cash stash, lost 300,million in a annuity but slowly regaining that back, even so, I and the Knytes are money misers. I wont spend Club or my money on much if I don't have too, even then there needs to be something on the table to make it a needed expense.
300,000 members worldwide and that means we must be doing something right.

Welcome to paranoia

The other day the atmosphere here at the Rode House was at best thick. Seems as the newness of the exploration of on screen and in print pin up stuff tween Crimson and all the thing is while a bit out there seems there wasn't enough happening fast enough, plus the inability to meet some of the other club members and all has Crimson a bit of sitting on the fence rather than just jumping in.
So tonight I want to open this up by saying, that while the project of resurrecting the founding Charter of the Knytes is noble enough, due to many projects that the club has dumped hundreds if not millions of dollars into over the last 5 or so years including the gig in Gooding Idaho in 2009, without the same tree producing fruit, is why I'm not in a big hurry to call a High Council meeting to meet these people. The failure of Gooding was simply greed by a ignorant real estate broker Rick Strickland, the idiocy of the Gooding City U.S. Post Office and my Cousin Bud, in Utah. Bud was suffering from memory loss, and a ton of health malfunctions. But he sent mucho money, yet The Gooding Post Office lost me, yet it was the same delivery person that delivered my mail only 8 blocks from the studio. When I moved from that tiny house in Gooding to Bliss, I moved the radio gig into an office space next to H&R Block there in Gooding. Which is where I met Nurse GoodBody and all. We had a good crew, and was on the verge of going worldwide on XM Sirius. Getting paid $300k a month all we needed to do was get our gig together. Yet with no rent being paid since I got lost in a system, of the Gooding Post Office and Rick Strickland one evening when I went to dinner, came back and was locked out. Talk about sneaky and crooked. Was there all that day and he couldn't say anything? If there wasn't a statute of limitations on such things I'd sue that prick for multi millions. But hey I through the Knytes, Erin, Todd, and others rebuilt. Yet the Council is very reluctant to dump millions of dollars back into some place with only two young ladies and a promise. Once there is at least 10 or so applicants for the opening we have and at least 3 applicants for on air for AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio. There will not be a big stampede to getting a more formal facility, nor a big pow wow, meet and greet. Especially with both Oshkosh Air Show and Sturgis that many of our brethren are flying and riding to. Give me a reason to raise the Wolf Signal 
 and Crimson and Hubby can meet and drink with all the Knytes and WolfPack they can handle. 
The concept of this being a scam came up, and what I can't understand is this; Nobody including myself has asked anyone including Crimson or any talent, for funds. I think these people forget we pay you not you pay us. All we ask for is a few hours of ones time, and a bit of both loyalty and dedication. I think too many of these ladies have forgotten, I'm not prowling, I have my mate, its my Shelly, whom I'm dedicated to 200% , the basic idea here is hot bods with rods, birds, and bikes and a select bunch of trucks. In something other that slutty threads , bikini's or them wanting to go to bed. 
More this afternoon, need my sleep.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Warbirds of a wing need to fly together enough biker stuff what about us who fly?

It can't be said any planer than this:
 Now I have seen the up tick although since SOA went off the tube, Harley Davidson's profits have fallen very low, but anything biker has become all too popular. That's keen, but what about us who grew wings and hit the sky? What about us who haven't lucky as I have in finding a special lady, like I have in my Shelly? But for those who flew solo like I did for so damn long, how about us? There's all too many social and dating groups on facebook, and so on for bikers to find the love of their lives, but what about military pilots coming home from serving their country, who don't have anyone special to come home to. What about the combat aviator who comes home and for a long list of reasons can't find his(or her) air-mate? Let's face it the conversion from military to civilian life is rough to say the least. Going that alone means much sorrow to both alcohol and drug addiction. How about a fb page for military aviators to find their love, even that of another pilot? To my fellow Marine aviators out there, I know from which I speak. Until I found through my interest in flight of all kinds, that led me to my Shelly, I was a social wreck. I had no or damn few who understood what pains I was going through. I had few connections to any kind of dating, or match maker sites. And there are NO online dating sites, for just discharged or as we say it reassigned Marine, Navy aviators. None. I have seen and experienced the loneliness of being a Marine aviator suddenly at home, and the hands that you shake that say, " Thank you for your service"  Want to really thank me, show me a lady so I can get laid, or at least find me a lady to at least get a meal with, or spend quality time. The history as far as myself is concerned goes on a three by. The first that greeted me was Mirinda, Miles. Who one evening as she was living next door to me came and set down beside me on my truck, offered me a beer, and we just talked. Then came Erin, who really nursed me back to a sense of well being. And the third was the daughter of a Knytes member in Bliss. Aubrey came over to Gooding to do something or another, and took me to lunch. It was ladies offering kindness and a shoulder to cry on a bit. None of which did anything physical, but gave me the power to go on. Here I had flew my tail rudder off serving this nation, retired a full bird Colonel, and yet I couldn't get laid or even a date. 
It was then and there that I said it takes one to know one, as such I dedicated myself to giving back to my fellow Marine aviators. I thought there needs to be more social outreaches. Sure there is the USO and all and yes they held dances and such for returning military of WW2 and so on, but that outreach is no longer available anywhere. 
Then came the day I got demoted from being Senior VP of the Knytes by virtue of an attempt to gain a old exotic bar just over the swinging bridge in Twin Falls, that went bra tip up, and I was put in charge of the AyreWolvez, and thus reddedicated to those of Miltary Flight. Long before there was Warbird Radio( there was and is to date AyreWolfFM. Soon, to be old style miltary radio done domestic and stateside. 
The simple definition of the AyreWolvez is bikers with wings. Those of us who fly and groove on doing the ride. But it goes much different and deeper. Any Marine will tell you at least old skool Marines will tell you, In life its your unit, God above and the Corps. Once you put on that uniform, your dedicated to that guy that's in your unit, and to the USMC, as such, just because you hang up your uniform does not mean your through serving your nation. Outside of all the things you can do for your Marine friend in life, how about pointing him(or-her) in the direction of or to someone to curl up next to at night? 
Biker dating and such pages and groups even websites are great, I think it's time for us who fly, and flew in combat. 
Church today so gotta get some bunk time, but its time to unfold the wings.
L8R Aviators

Saturday, July 22, 2017

FreshAyre PT5

Well the fat lady sung and split. Not surprising. See it's one thing to be out in the yard photographing a truck or bike and another being in a 10X10 radio studio for 6 hours. Doing radio takes a certain personality and attitude. It's a shame, when you take time to schedule a meet and greet, and follow up with a on air class. Then they don't show. If Mary thinks she's going to find a better entry level radio spot for what we pay, I'll buy ya'll a root beer. 
Then there is tonite trying to open time to view a Disney flick that Disney has been pumping up like a Sumo wrestler blowing up a balloon, that despite all the huffing and puffing, totally flopped. A lot longer on both pre production on stage and post editing would have made a better film. 
About the last frame got a tow call, on a semi that supposedly rolled. Right, got there all the driver did was run off the road. We were done in an two hour time frame. 
With all that said some 411 to relate. In 2000 at a time the Knytes were in the throws of rebuilding Cathy Johnson who I was having relations with, and I along with Lt. Junkert went to a Knytes pow wow up at Rupes Burgers, in Blackfoot, Idaho. Much was on the table but the decision was made that the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association aka the WolfPack would become the parent organization of the Knytes, not the other way around. 
This is where and when the pinup shit started. Although I had worked with many model types before, the concept of taking old military aviation style nose art pics and turning them into living photography and all presented both a challenge and an interest. 
Well ya'll get the idea. Today this is the style of photography we have in mind. Not nudes, no over the top sexually extravogant just birds, bikes and trucks with hot bodies to enhance the ride, not to dominate the ride. In all but a very few are adorned in nylons, usually fashion stockings, with the garter and all. 
Yet only one out of 20 we interview gets the idea. Even my lady gets it in her head that I'm on the prowl. Fact is, if I were just wanting to get laid which I don't since my body belongs to my Shelly, but if I was wanting strange rather than hire puss from facebook, or such, I'd take that ad money, drive to Wells Nevada to Miss Donna's or the Sugar Shack. Guess some women have trouble connecting the dots. 
It's 03:00 here got a long day, gotts to find the cause of my check engine light on the General, plus begin the rework on LiL Wolf.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Us and them and am I asking too much of our town too soon?

If there's any day completely off for me I'd like to experience it. 
Wednesday is one of the days off I take to nurse my old body and bones back partly healed and operational. Yesterday was one of those days. First get out of the rack figuring it's going to be a full day of Star Trek Voyager, take in some soothing pampering. Nope tweaked on my computer, and noticed that there was a gal interested in our on air and/or pin up project. So I waited up until 17:00 hours, she came, but after an 3 hour interview thinking we had somebody at least that matched me intellectually come to find this morning she wasn't interested completely and all she did was keep me from getting things done. Plus send my Shelly into a tizzy. 
Thing is I don't mind doing the work, the problem is I'm beginning to think that I'm asking too much of the valley way too soon. Reason I do it? I need to make money. Last year and the year before, between radio and weather and such I lost $20k that I could use now. Putting a gal on the side of LexiBelle to do a print/TV ad and billboard slick will let all know the pros in toews is back home and ready for action. So I push on the toew smooch and outside of one, all just run away. Plus outside of some rewiring radio station thing is about to fire. What am I to do if I get a toew call in the middle of a radio episode? Shut off the station? Had to do that last year and that's what cost the Knytes a tad over $30k in lost revenue. 
I have been reading here lately alot on gender bias. Women not getting hired, not getting paid equally, and even that Kountry music radio is more men favored than women.
The simple thing is men like me take a bit more of a risk and don't shy away from things that feel or is just a bit strange we charge right in. Where women, because of just being women, will fade away from anything that is a bit off or extremely sexually charged. Thus even though no harm many bark foul, and all I and most casting producers are left with tuna in our face. 
So earlier this afternoon I pulled most of the help wanted ads off of facebook. Fact is outside of Crimson, ain't never got diddly from any ad on facebook. My ads on Yelp, and Google my business, which are free or close to being free generates leads, and toew calls. But here's the meat of this subject, and I know it'll hit, eventually after we're a bit further ahead here with the radio gig, Crimson and seester, will show that this is damn well real, and watch the claws come out and the gals who ignored the thing, will be lined up all the way to the grade school. Trouble is why do we have to go through so much of a dung pile to find qualified people? And it ain't just honey talent either. With RoadeWolf/Highway Hooker Toewing expanding to the degree we are, there's going to be 35 trucks that will require a seat this winter, plus the running heavy equipment hauls. Not one person that has applied to our diver recruitment ads on facebook is even qualified. No ks, or TRAA or even Road Resque certified. No prior training nothing, and I'm supposed to be paying top dollar for novices? No way, it takes a certain kind of mule skinner and toew pro to get in behind the wheels of my trucks. 
Any mile my powder is spent, I'm headed to bed.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What there is here are a few mindless drones, the WolfPack will not be assimilated and resistance is not futile

Every once in again, its a groovy gig to be in the spot that the WolfPack put me in in 1999. As the XO here, it is my responsibilty to interview and conduct business. Yesterday I was put back a few times by Crimson, and felt like my input was not important. However I healed and from upper command was told now that you have hired her let her do her job. This would be fine if we lived in Hollywood, with sound stages and indoor photography sets and 8 months of sunny weather. As the month of July approaches its end, the filtering of visual talent, i/e model talent becomes its time to crap or get off the throne. 
One came in last evening that at least for me, that felt like another waste of my time as well as added stress on Crimson, who had a shitty day as well over to a big car dealer giving her problems.
Any mile in comes this Sara gal, who, first had no idea or had a clue of what the gig was all about. First Sara didn't know who Howard Stern is, and second had never even watched SOA. How can this be? Sure I can understand not having a minds grip on the Dukes, since Sara was born in 95 and was at least a decade too late on that, but not knowing who Stern is and even never had watched SOA. How can you not ? SOA was a 7 season, blockbuster TV show that focused on the lives of a made up 1% bikers club, and the family and brotherhood that makes that up. As far as Howard Stern? Come on, You'd have to be fairly stupid not to know who he is.
The main reason we as a group, and organization takes on these pinup, modeling, promotion details is to shine a spotlight on our radio gig, seconded by mainstream recruitment for and of the club, and last but not least as a courtesy to me by the Club(s) to allow me to get some glitter for Hazzard County Choppers as well as RodeWolf Toewing here.  It's not, repeat NOT to enduldge me in getting my rocks off sniffing stinky toes nor anything of that nature. As for on air radio. If Myself or any of the other 3 members of the WolfPack are going to occupy a 10X10 radio studio for 6 hours, she had better be someone I can get along with and can relate and enhance what I'm doing on air. If she can't its time to give her the boot. 
Then there is the somewhat confusion of The WolfPack and the Knytes. Both are related and most observe the organization as a whole unit. With that said the WolfPack is focused on the history, and honor those warbirds that flew through many conflicts, from World War 1 all the way to today. We rebuild, restore, and yes fly those aircraft today. The Knytes, are focused on 1060's through the early 80's street muscle cars, the Iron Knytes, focuses on the delight of and the lifestyle of old aged iron heavy and mid sized commercial over the road trucks. And not just pick-up trucks. All together we have a great organization. We do share common bonds, in preserving southern heritage and history, honoring the Confederacy and giving those southern ancestors their just thanks. Of course where we live there is that 5th side, of life rural America and the machines that aid our farmers to plant seed and provide food. That 5th branch of our organization, came by accident. I was shopping for some Deere paint at a Utah Deere Dealer, met up with former Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan, and it came to pass an organization called the DeereDazzlers Association came to be. 
One of the other parts of our common bonds, is that we refuse to be assimilated. We are all individuals, and an organization that refuses to be what many call normal. As it is said in the Dukes theme, we fight the system. If it were not broke we would let it rest. But the system has been broken since Lee and Grant signed the truce in 1865. There ain't been one single honest politician in any office since. The one that was, was shot in Alabama his name was George Wallace. Our liberties ,freedoms, have been bit by bit, stripped away. There is no longer a seperation between political parties, we might as well call em Republicrats. Resistance is not futile, we as Americans need to fight and say enough is enough, and that means our small brethren in the WolfPack,The Knytes and Iron Knytes. That's why we do radio, and eventually TV. That's why we do pinup model things to focus attention on our media offerings. And yes sometimes I have to take the bull by the horns or in this case the bra by the nipples. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

There's something about a females perfume in a house where just men occupy its intoxicating

So there twuz dreaming of flying the lady, when Crimson strolls in announcing she had a model visiting interview. Okay so I thought where is my pants? On the bamboo sofa. So I had Crimson, fetch my pants, of which I need new ones of since the nice lady I rented from in Wyoming turned out to be a real bitch. Can't retrieve my stuff they changed the damn locks. I'll get into this later here.
So got my drawers on and venture into the office. Here's a new face, no lady skunk pee on her , but Crimson had some on that was making me a tad dizzy, in good way. We had our pow-wow. Seems Crimson's fancy GMC has tranny probelems. Under factory warranty I can't work on it, but bet I could repair it. Crimson had to have Sonny's from Mountain Home come fetch it. Thing is, if she'd have thought, I could have went and got one of Charlies and fetched it. It's good to make friends with your toew guy. 
Thing is Crimson found a tiny frog inside the Rode House here, of which I only seen him once, in an hour or so. Kitty will fix that problem. 
When its just male corpuscles in a house and all it is or is smelled is bacon, sweat, beans, and beer , the sweet oderiffic aromas of lady perfume of any kind signals an immediate stiffy. Which is one reason I sent Crimson off to fetch James, more testosterone and less estrogen makes a no fly or open fly zone. So the very hot seestser and I chatted a bit, and James and crew showed up.
Monday we'll get down to deets on the gig here with that, the only thing I fear when I hug Crimson, is she's so skinny I think I'm going to break something.
Monday by phone I'm getting into attorney's. Jonny has as his Father inlaw a high powered attorney, and I can tell you this, The Wentworth is going to suffer as well as the buttwipe at  Chad's there in ETown, who took me for $600.00 and now because Nate fixed my mini truck, have someone to testify. Etown took me for just over $20k, I'm going in for the kill, for about twice that amount, maybe a few there should ought to have treated myself and Shelly a bit better don't ya'll think. I'm just so thankful that God answered my prayers and gave me a path to follow to get out of there, more over am just as thankful to have a staff once again, in both Crimson and James. 
Now in my way; I always find it puzzling that I get trashy emails in my junk box asking me if I had intimate relations that I could touch who ever it is's breasts. Has anyone ever read my profiles? Want to get me curious ? Ask me if I want to be lathered in her toes in nylon hose while I put the meat to her. Then they might be on the right track. It's like you'll never hear hardly if ever on a movie, " Hey do what you want to the girl, but leave me alone." Or , " Hey sheriff we're going to screw you now, but we're going to screw you slow" But we don't mind seeing or hearing the words, " Sheriff we're going to kill you, now but kill ya'll slow" 
My ongoing curiosity of things especially legs and those regions of the human body, goes back to even age 16. After getting introduced to these erogenous zones by the Dukes-of-Hazzard's Daisy, I always thought why are the legs, and feet and toes always ignored? After all , all nerve endings are terminated in the feet, thought was and is; make the feet and toes happy, and your most erotic dreams will transpire. Most women say that's not something they would choose. Yet few women will ignore a good foot rub. Ya'll can take it from there . There was a sex-a-tery that worked for Leroy's wife up here in Wendell, One day while wiring their office for then ISDN telecommunications This sex-a-tary came in took off her heels saw me there, and rather than scream or throw a fit, lets just say we enduldged. So why are the feet and legs ignored more over the toes ? 
Just once I'd like outfits like Pinterest, or those sending spam junk mail, would get the idea. Show me hot toews in hose, or don't show me anything at all. Hope Shasta and Crimson wear some on Monday when they show for work.

Friday, July 14, 2017

You can fix fugdugly but ya'll can't fix ignorance.

Some people have smarts just too arrogant and ignorant to use that intelligence. Here's a pure example: The Wentworth Apartments that nobody except if you happen to be ultimately in need as I was should rent a domicile from. For near 2 plus years I rented a apartment there albeit a struggle to pay a always rising rent rate plus utilities, heat= $250.00 per month, Power= nearly the same but I made it barely with the help of my church ward there, and then the cost of the shop, as well as the manager downtalking the radio gig there, and never coming to me for tows of dilinquint vehicles nor ones needing repair. Add to that when at the end a bath tub faucet that went belly up, fix it guy there put in the wrong thing which I got burned several times on, add to that the costs of fixing my car after it got stuck several times because the owners were too damn cheap to plow before it got deep, then there is the damage to the Subaru, as well as the $6,000.00 of my big tool box of SnapOn Tools. Both of which there is a police report on, and yet according to Janet, upper management is bitching about me being a week and a half late on rent. Now if there wasn't my videos, and underwear not to mention my dishes and service manuals, I'd tell the whole damn bunch to go suck an egg. Sounds like the need for consulting a attorney. Sue the bastards once really hard, plus the physical, injury I had last winter trying to climb the stairs that lead  up to the dwelling I was in, and you can see that them not locking me out of my place until I can come fetch the rest of the stuff I own out of there, is not a good idea on their part. What makes this extremely juicy, is that their upper management is less that 3 hours from me and under Idaho law they have to conduct business under Idaho Law. Which means legally they can't hold anything of mine until I'm duly served documents. After I sue I'll just sell the damn thing called the Wentworth to Crofts, and be done with it. One thing is for sure, Its nice to rent from a nice guy who is the owner for now of my WHOLE   HOUSE, instead of some power hungry manager and firm that is huge. Which is good, because they company has deep pockets. A round figure of $50,000.00 is about right.
Was near to getting on air last night except need two power cords a jigsaw and extension cords for my big computer. If not worse Cable One pulled the plug at 01:45 this morning so was offline for about 3 hours. Funny the TV is going, shouldn't the internet? 
Okay one last thing and I need to plug this in here because it relates. The only thing that equals what I had in Etown versus southern Idaho is AllWest Cable and Cable One. I'm paying nearly the same, but the difference is: AllWest is locally owned, and my account rep there Mindy Broadhead, kept me and HazzardAyre Radio connected from the time I got there until after I left. With Cable-One, there's times when ya'll want a discussion with them but you get the long song we'll be with you soon tune. 
Outside of that I do miss my church ward there, and argue or not , there's good people there including my Bishop.
Yes sir; you can fix fugdugly but ya'll can't fix stupid or ignorance.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Who the hell are you who likes my facebook page? Muslims, Japs and none Americans go like another Facebook Page, not mine

Every day I get at least 12 new likes and nods of likes to our WolfPack Page, here. Thing is, its always by people not of naturally born in this nation, or at least not born of the Confederacy. My advice to them is simple, not a naturally born American, please do not like my page. Your just not welcome.
The next question, is it a fact that you have to import visual talent from Seatlle or Utah? Also found that one of our treasured has committed treason. Yep, Nurse GoodBody decided to join up with Seattle Talent, and is teaching classes. That kind of hurts, just about as bad as one of our members starting his own toewing firm in Wyoming. Any more I'm at a point to where, if you want to be a pinup model, or chair person at our agency, you best show up on time, stick your stockinged feet in my face and say suck toew. Anything short of that hit the road. 
I have spent way too much time, auditioning, dinning and meeting with up coming talent, that its starting to make me ill. Except for Mylinda and James and such, the rest that has responded to our ads on fb, and all were not worth the time or my headache to mess with. 
Mylinda and I have been chatting about starting an agency here, in Wendell and eventually establshing an studio/office in Twin Falls. Rake off 10% of models wages but training for free, in a real not restrictive method. Something that will build real talent for real placements for them and our agency. If it really takes place, it'll be all Mylinda, with the Knytes/WolfPack as support only. Past that I have no use to it.
Big day today rebuilding KTOW today, hope to be on air on Saturday.