Monday, June 12, 2017

Who are those hot women on those attorney TV ads?

So there your sitting watching Roseanne on LAFFTV and up comes some woman yapping about some situation that YOU should sue for. My question is this; if that same blonde big breasted woman would get rid of what ever it is plugging her anus, and got a better paying gig, she just might could be a great TV pitch woman. It seems though that with the bland script these all assuming TV attorneys just want some eye candy to spur you into suing some major corporation for producing a product, but some idiotic doctor or such installed in you that turned out sour. But I ask who are those women. And have you ever searched for who they might be? Somebody knows, but they keep it quiet. 
Earlier today I got into this fuss with Shelley over the fact that I might try out for a thing showing off my bar tender skills at a bar in Ogden Utah. Of course Shelley as she always does, started accusing me of having a wandering eye. Of course I have a wandering eye, I wouldn't be a guy if I didn't have a wandering eye, guys that ARE real GUYS look at women. Thing is its if they act on that thought, not just look. Which I haven't, with that in mind lets if you will allow me to, examine this even more closely. 
I will not go into history, but from the first Facebook thing, I told her that it's my duty in the Knytes to cast and install female talent on our ads and such. She said that would not bother her. From ground zero, she was always pissed at my recruiting lady talent. The center of that is simply due to a serious self confidence problem. Lets face it Shelly was not born with good looks, and from a few pics of her family most of them too, were not born with good genes. As for me I wasn't either , but I make up for it, by building my brain, not my body. What Shelly lacks in looks she makes up for in having a heart as big as a warehouse. She tries very hard, but due to that poor gene pool she's a bit short changed. Just like me, what I lost to a metabolizm imbalance I gained extra grey matter and the ability to mature faster than the rest of my peers, if in fact I even had any peers, I was just a bit smarter than they were and in many cases still are. 
Now in the loyalty department, I will firmly admit, that right after Shelly left here the first time, I gained a rather warm fondness for a younger lady named Sydney. The first time I met Syd, it was at the Pilot. Once I taught her what flavor of smokeless tobacco I liked, she never forgot. Then came the news she was going to have minor surgery, gallbladder removal. Since I had mine out and knew what to expect I explained that she had little to worry about. A few days after her surgery she got an infection, and had to remain in the hospital in Utah. Myself and some of the Knytes, got together some cards and a inexpensive gift, rode down to that hospital, and gave it to her. Bottom line there was and in many ways still is much chemistry there between Syd and myself. This past October, going down to fetch the paperwork for an Impala that I gave to Rick here, I came home rather dehydrated, and very sick, nearly died. Fortunately Syd showed up for our weekly card game, and found me nearly dead in the bathtub. That little lady hoisted me out of that tub, laid me out on the bed, crushed ice cubes and got me hydrated and then called Rick, to take me to the hospital. Where after meds, and all, Syd brought me home, we ate then she split. At that point it would have been so easy to just shovel off Shelly, Syd move in and in many ways maybe things would have been better, but I remained loyal to Shelly. Oh and yes, Syd and I still call each other if I don't call her, she calls me, its called a REAL friendship. So now lets move on. Outside of Syd, I haven't even thought of stepping out on Shelly, and havent thought of it since. Yet no matter how many times I explain to Shell, that I'm not even looking she says she doesn't trust me. So the question comes, without trust there is no love. As if you love someone you trust them. Which brings us up to date there, with the move, and all approaching, I texted Shell the last few days of, May telling her if she wanted to get back to me she had to prove it, only by her contributing some green for the place in Hazzard, would I consider a reunion. She said she had no money. Which I found out later she did, could have sent, but didn't. Question, she fibbed. Honesty is another part of real love. So why would I put that kind of condition on the reunion? Simple, when Shell split again the 1st or so of April, not only gone was the boost the shop needed to survive, but the fact that she had spent 2 more days here in Evanston, bad mouthing me and the Knytes at every turn and to every lady in the town. Or at least the ones that I might or that might like me. The destruction of the fragile reputation of the shop and me, became that the service jobs I was getting stopped or slowed to a trickle. The thing is, if on her 2nd go around, here with me, had Shell, not got caught up in the jealous whatever thing, We could have together, not only built a very successful, tow service gig, plus custom shop as well, but because of her that got destroyed. So because she stepped in the manure so bad, its her obligation, to help me relocate so I can rebuild and all again. 
Okay then , at the end of the day, it is that I would still like to know who those hotties are on those attorney ads on TV are and last, this is a combination, and hope Shell, reads this, if she wants me back, its find the money so I can get the move done, plus contribute for a few months so I can rebuild, since it was her that trashed HCC and all in the first place. 
In Knytes news. Big Rick our Club President, had a tripple heart attack, he is okay at this time, but going through a lot of pain still and being monitored at home by his Dad and all. What I need from Club members at this time, is your prayers for Rick, maybe some financial help so that I can get over there, plus some extra help money wise to be gave to Rick until he can be in a health condition to regain his job driving heavy haul. 
Get in touch with me to know the proceedure to donate, Knytes's members already know how to donate.
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