Sunday, June 18, 2017

We as a radio media Company are unpopular for all the wrong reasons also can we have real Americans who Speak American English at Google?

We as a radio media production and such company, are unpopular for all the wrong reasons. It's not that we use at times slightly off camber language, it's not always because we are as transparent and honest as can be although we are, it's because when the truth on a subject needs to be spoken we as a group, are not to shy about doing just that, TELLING THE TRUTH. Sure our ad revenue is a bit low, and the fact that we don't have a huge conglomerate corporate bunch micro managing everything we do, nope don't have no use for that big suit and tie, big city junk. Our aim is to tell it like it is, or as one of my bunch said it earlier, We talk like the big Government politician talks when they are at home, the difference is we don't forget the people at home when those politicians go back to DC. There is no stock holders, and there's very little if any censorship, at HazzardAyre. Our basic slogan and its in all and I mean ALL we do, is we fight the system. If it weren't we'd go off bore hunting as it is the system ALL of the system is broken. There's only one bunch on Earth to fight the battle, and it lies on the face and in the hearts of us in the Knytes-of-Dixie. From that first meeting in Hazzard Idaho in 1982 to now everything we do is aimed at uplifting and strengthening the towns of rural America. Just because the big cities and big business multi billion dollar corporations are snuffing out these small communities, does not mean we all have to lie down and take it like a wounded hound dog. We as Confederates and Americans need to stand up and say enough already. HazzardAyre Radio is here to speak up and speak out for small town rural America. Who says everything is better off in the big cities? Here's an example or two. You go in to buy a certain product, say a specific soda pop. Corporate company say Walmart or Smiths Foods says they can't get it, as it does not sell or test well at our store. Small town rural food store a owner-operated store, will bend over bassackwards to get that soda pop, or at least get in a suitable alternative. The difference? Big time big box store's owners in some big city will never see or visit with you in person, but the guy at that small rural town food store more than likely has children that go to the same school as you do, you drink at the same small town bar, and you have breakfast at the same small rural cafe in the mornings. You know them, they know you, and in many cases you most likely went to school with them, and go to the same Church today. Which leeds me to my next grump tonight. Because we are in the throws of relocating from Evanston Wyoming back home to my home town, I changed the address of Google My Business listings for Cooter's A1 Toewing and of course Hazzard County Choppers. What did the Haji speaking company of Google do, suspended my listings. Even though I have done paid for a website domain for both, they decide to suspend my business listings. Really, Google? Since that big bunch at the Alphabet Companies took over Google, and its sister YouTube its been one helluva battle dealing with these people. Now this was what jerked my cage. Asked for phone help, they called, guess what I couldn't hear a damn thing of what the lady on the other end was saying. Nope, and to add injury to the pain, you try to explain, that such small towns in Idaho, don't require a business license. The regulatory side comes from your Idaho Sales Tax Number, and Federal EIN, which we have both. Two of the oldest in Idaho BTW. That said, I tried to explain this to the lady on the other end of the phone representing Google, yet she just could not grasp the concept. Then she asked about taking a pic of our new place, when I attempted to explain that I was stuck in Wyoming and just could not go home for two weeks, she still could not understand. Now true there is that cultural barrier between India and the UCSA, and there is a geography problem between Wendell Idaho population 4,000 and Queer bay California at over a few million but still can't these big companies get a few people to look at the geography at least on Google Earth and find the damn thing? I have been dealing with Google since 2004 when I signed on to do my bit for a then County Commissioner in Utah's campaign. Been fond of Google, both Blogger, and other platforms. The thing is when I have paid nearly $60.00 for two business website domains and all, you'd think that the open door policy would apply. But it's not just Google. Nope; there's grand popular Facebook. 
A former associate of HazzardAyre Radio who came here in September/October of last year to giving a shot in the butt to our network. We had totally planned to move into a office space near where the domicile I reside in is, here in Etown Wyoming. Owner decided at the last minute to decline. Which pissed off the Knytes so they pulled their funding for HCC which left me paddling upstream. The radio gig, provides the money for HCC or nearly over half of the money for HCC(Hazzard County Choppers) I was headed out then but Shell and I decided to give it a second try, ya'll know why that failed. So I waded through a serious winter, couldn't respond to toews, and as such got quite a bit behind in shop rent. As such shut down. But Codi came and I was as happy as a kid with a new train set on Christmas morning. Codi could do and did the impossible. But Shelly got a serious case of the jealousy and envy illness and with no money coming in from the station, Codi and I agreed to part with no bad feelings. However she saw some pics Shelly put up on her news \feed, as such they show up on mine. Codi saw them, as such I got a warning from facebook, remove these or you will have your fb privlages suspended. So I scanned every possible way, and finally had to unplug Shelly from my friends list, removed the pics from my account and now all seems well. However there seems to be a few more pests online on fb, that are determined to break Shelly and I up. To which I say to them; want to break Shelly and I up, then pony up the same amounts of $'s Shelly has, and is supposed to by end of this month, offer yourself up and if I like you we can then talk. If not then don't go away mad, just go away. On that subject just for a short thing here. I have no idea, why all too many women think I'm such a hunk? I'm not. Many think I have a love tool the size of John Holmes, the endurance of a marathon runner, or the moves of a contortionist at the circus. Once upon a time I might have had some good moves, and a mind that could create a big bang moment, but today, if I make it through one session in bed I'm so tuckered all I want is a pinch of Skoal, a Dew and need to recharge of vital fluids. In all my days there was only one lady that could get me to snag my nuts three times in an hour and a half. Her name was Debbie, something who lived near Layton Utah, her pop hole was so tight and small, plus she knew how to use her wall muscles. Outside of her and this goes back to about 1995 somewhere, nobody else has been able to do that since. Nobody. Not even Tammy. And Tammy was quite tight as well. Shelly's big thing is she says she's handicapped on looks and gene pool. Maybe so, but here's where even Monkee shines. Janice(aka Monkee) had some procedure problems as well. However she learned what I liked, learned how to dress, diet, and even do in the bedroom what I liked, and that part for the most part was not an issue. What broke us up was my being on the road as much as I was touring with the Knytes's Band, plus my lecture series. If it hadn't been for that and my now dead cousin Bud, I'll bet money Monkee and I would have made it. There's the quilts that I sleep under everynight that should be replaced, but I can't since sleeping under those quilts, I fell like I'm snuggled in with Monkee, there's shirts in my closet that I'll never be able to wear again, but I can't throw them away, since Monkee made them. I used to have a saying that if Monkee couldn't do it no one could. I still believe that. On casting for our TV gigs, jambs and such Monkee was right there with me at I can't count how many agencies, cheering me on, speaking up for the club, and encouraging me. Monkee, would cut wood at the shop in Montpelier Idaho with a butcher knife until her fingers bled, so I could stay warm. I will be honest here and say this, there was no more peas in a pod than Monkee and I, and to be further honest, if Monkee got a hold of me, and said we could reunite, No matter the distance, other women, any of it I'd do it short of selling LexiBelle.
 But that ain't going to happen. I can say this Monkee gave me one great step son Mike, two sets of step grandkids, a good step daughter, and memories that I still live in my dreams today. Monkee btw is why I moved here to Etown in 1997 for in the first place. I'm off topic sorry. But because fb decided I had to unfriend Shelly to retain my fb account, which if the Knytes's stuff and all were not on there, I'd take it all down and get off fb, all together. Shelly sucks the front and hind teat of fb, but to me its more of an addiction than just a source of online information. Shelly would rather be on fb, rather than out amongst nature in a Hazzard sunset lake 
 and fb is grander than a Hazzard sunset? Give me a day with a fishing pole on Hazzard Lake, any day, these big corporations don't care about people and only lift an eye brow if you ask for a refund on advertising on either one of them. on Google my Business or the money I have spent boosting things on FB, don't work. What outside advertising I do is on, its free and 80% of my tow calls are generated from Yelp. I can guarentee ya'll this if facebook or Google come calling again for money its going to be sorry, and adios. Once bitten Twice Shy, ain't gonna happen. 
Later Ya'll


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