Saturday, June 3, 2017

time to celebrate the upcoming vacate tired to do radio but will be on Sunday morning at 06:00

Well its time to celebrate, the Big BAD Wolf is finally getting out of Evanston and unwinding 4 years of drudgery and pure mental strain. I got my house in Hazzard Idaho. Yes the move groove is on. Went over there Saturday, trip wasn't all that bad but my was it hot. It reached near 82 degrees in the greater Twin Falls/Hazzard Idaho area, and at least 80 at the time I arrived at the location in Hazzard . After finding the key and moving in a few boxes, it was nice and cool inside the small house, it ain't big but just the right size for me and LadyWolf, so after handing over $200.00 signing the lease, at the Depot grill the gig is finally me getting out of a dead end.
With that said, and all I got a bit of heat stroke, and am dizzyer than having a full on over drunk, between the mega amounts of Dew SA which I drink now that Pepsi decided to quit making my DewShine(shame on them) its lights out for this old Wolf, so no radio show until 06:00 but I'll be on for a few hours before Church and definately on after Church. 
Until Then,

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