Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday was Fathers Day, but did you remember to thank the finest Father of all Our God, Our Heavenly Father?

Yesterday Sunday, was Fathers Day, amongst all the ties, gifts, dinners and the like for your Earthly Father, did you remember to thank the grandest , greatest father of them all, Our God, Our Heavenly Father? Did you stop, and pray and thank him for letting you breathe one more breath, for allowing you to live, did you thank our Heavenly Father for him allowing YOU to love him another day? While I didn't get up in time to go to services yesterday, my mind and spirit was there on that second row in that meeting house, just as if I were there in person. 
I'm truly thankful for My Earthly Father, a man who was larger than life, tough as nails from the Old Marine Corps. A man who achieved much in life, from being in the original 214 USMC right up to becoming a 3 star Marine General, to becoming and creating along with my Mom , 1/4 of the Flying J empire. A man who had a heart as big as a mansion, and would and did help all too many ungrateful people in my home towns as well as around the World., But I'm most thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me such a great Earthly Father. Much of what I am I gleaned from my Dad, except maybe for the white glove inspection style of Marine clean, still my Dad was a perfectionist, and I have became somewhat that myself. My Dad did not know the word can't or wont, or give up. Although the latter I can't say I am, since I gave up on Etown months ago. You can't save everyone and you can't remove arrogance and ignorance. No matter where it is. But My Dad did much of that. My Dad was not much of a bookworm, nor a school learned person, but he did have the skills to recognize where a bit of seed money or a bit of sweat planted in the right place would reap one helluva harvest. Yet even with my own Dad's greatness , he could not have done anything without my Heavenly Fathers blessings and all gave to my Dad by my Heavenly Father. So while I saw many salutes to Dads everywhere by many, I want to be the first to say Happy Fathers Day to my Heavenly Father. Who without him, I would not be and could not be. 
See ya'll in the AM on our radio show.

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