Saturday, June 10, 2017

Some say they side with our Armed Forces, then there are those of us who do, because we are part of the Armed Forces

There are those that for fame or perhaps fortune proclaim their loyalty to our Armed Forces. No matter branch of service, then there are those of us who are a part of the Armed Forces, in this case the United States Marines, that remain loyal, its the Semper Fi thing. There is no such thing as a retired Marine, discharged Marine, or former Marine. Once your feet hit those golden boots your journey to being a Marine starts, and there is no going home and no turning back. That said, this last week, I felt very angry at a school district who decided that for PC sake, to deny a just graduated Marine his spot in his High School graduation because he wanted to wear his and proudly so, his dress blues to that High School graduation. Can this nation do any worse to slap a recruit or us who gave and give all to defend the very nation its liberty and freedom the very freedom that these administrators at that High school the ability to tell that young Marine he can't go to his graduation in his dress blues? With all of that said, and I must preface this by saying that for a rodeo announcer, farm announcer and long time broadcaster I admire Zeb Bell of Murtaugh Idaho. However and I like his blog Cowpies each week, however I think that his writing about protecting Mother Earth and all that President Trump pretty much torpedoed this past week with, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, could have been put off and more attention put on this serious atrocity of breach of protocol if not worse, by a school district refusing a newly trained Marine his pride of wearing his dress blues to his High School graduation. Neither Tomi, nor Zeb and little on Network news has been mentioned about this, and like us in the UCSA coalition defending Southern or at least Confederate heritage, and history, and protesting that destruction of our treasured statues, and mentors, when it comes to certain issues there is a vast array between Zeb and myself and Tomi will never speak of anything Confederate. Although she lives in Dallas Texas and enjoys the area that was fought for by those very Confederates. The cross of Saint Andrews which is the Rebel Flag, is always condemned because of the misguided version of the history of southern life in the late 1700's to mid 1800's. 1863 to be exact. Its always based on blacks being hauled over here to be claimed as livestock for the purpose of working the fields. With that said, the Hispanic community is busting hiney to do just that, hence the wall. The blacks didn't like it, but the Mexicans are dieing to becoming Americans. Maybe it's time that these so rightious and arrogant BLM's and such recognize that their very prosperous lives are due to being chosen to come to this nation in the first place. No doubt a few ignorant assholes hurt these people, I'm sorry, but think this, Native Americans who our ARMY military slaughtered, raped, and plundered and left them to live on small patches of ground called reservations aren't out here bitching about how poor and left out they are. They are making their lives better on their own, although our nation owes them a debt that may never be fully repaid. These are the things that Zeb Bell, and Tomi and others wont bark about, but I do every day, and that's why HazzardAyre, AyreWolfFM and HazzardLyfe radio continues to bloom, taking from Star Trek, We take radio, where no radio has gone before. 
That said, Mark Peterson, myself and a few took to the Golf course today. Even with the slightly cooler temps, still I got a bit too much sun way too dehydrated and Sugar level rose which the combination sent me to the hospital for a few to get all under control. I still want to know what that purple stuff in a tube that they feed you to get your blood glucose level in proper sequence is. Reason? It tastes good. But I'm home now, putting the touches on things for tonights show, that can be heard on tonite doing KnyteWolf Radio. 
That said, when Zeb and Tomi and all these goofballs that fight for causes to feather their nests, come out and say they support the Armed Forces, I say, you can't defend something that you have never lived. Want to defend our Armed Forces? Put on a uniform. Want to support the fight of the obliteration of a culture and society? Don't just fly the Rebel Flag
 Support the cause for which it flies, donate to the UCSA Coalition any amount will be appreciated to aid us in keeping Confederate Radio mainly HazzardAyre Radio on the air both over the air and on online radio. 


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