Thursday, June 8, 2017

online and web will never ever replace brick and mortar or that up front in your face style of doing business

No matter who tells you different the online e commerce thing will never replace the up front in your face grab em by the collar, brick and mortar business. 
There has been numerous articles written here lately on self driving trucks. Which is fine in metro short haul, trucking, but the long distance obscure and remote out in the middle of the Boonies highways will always need the steady hand of a person behind the wheel. For unlike a automated system, only a real trucker is going to know when to put on chains in the winter, and when to avert Bambi, out on the desert regions of the Mountain West. More over only a trucker in the drivers seat will be able to take control, when there is the small young teen driver in an older car, that will be slaughtered by self driving trucks. The same goes for toewing, a robot is not going to know how to hook up a crumbled wreck, only a skilled toew operator is going to know how to do that. There are just some things that can't be fully automated. 
Of course simple things like building a website. Our parent company AyreWolf Aviation, now has a domain name, thing is now what? And who is going to know how to build it. Oh forget hiring someone in India or some Muslim nation getting involved, I will not hire them. 
Which brings me to some things I have been absorbing. Was reading in INC, magazine about the million dollar companies. While that can happen, HazzardAyre Radio is still far from that. Oh yes every year I keep saying this is going to be the year. This year we'll get the female flesh in stockings and mesh, enhancing a rig and or bike or warbyrd, yet when pushed the applicants either loose interest, or feel the assignment is beneeth them. In reality the task is one helluva starting point for an aspiring still photo model or one looking to do TV ads. A recent blurb on ABC news was that once your out of college and learn how to work, is to do just that work. You can't just jump in at the top of the company, you really need to step up and get in and do the dirty and mondane work, not just the fluff. Although doing photo work to aid HazzardAyre Radio to gain some altitude can be a great career starter. 
So I registered the domain for AyreWolf Aviation, ( yet do a Google search the outfit that I registered the domain through and one turns up nothing. My question is what the hell did I pay for? At least if its a local site designer , and there's a problem you can go visit them and grab em by the shirt collar, and say, " Wuz up ? What did I pay for?" With Google its a who knows. It comes to our blog here. The next step is to build the rest of the site now. But who do you choose? Some Indian(not native American) who you don't know or do you? I sure as hell don't want someone from Syria or such involved, hell I used to shoot these people while in the Marines. 
Of course there's online banking, ever forget a passcode or something? At the end of the day, you can only go down to your local bank and get some mediocure trained bank clerk to help. If she can. It usually is dealt with by calling some guy in some IT department in some forieghn office somewhere. 
Last night I mentioned the idea that and while market trends can change, others previously against a concept or side business once. Then see that with a diminished supply they start to see that hey that old wolf might know something. Example, friend and Knytes member was absolutely against going toewing. I had pitched the idea of growing together and building on the fact that there is a need , but little if any supply of available towing services in the western area of Wyoming. After nearly 3 years my friend sees that I do and did in fact have a pretty great plan. Problem is now that I'm nearly out of here, and on the verge of departure, now Nate has acquired a heavy duty hook and is going towing. He saw the situation that I caught at least 4 calls a week twice that on holidays, LexiBelle was snowed in, and my service truck had a leak, can't believe that I overlooked a simple seal under the distributor cap. At $80.00 per call, is just under $400.00 a month which could have generated enough money to keep my doors open here. While, and I'm thinking on it very hard, of reversing my living situation, and find another shop, and remain here. However for every call in Evanston, Wyoming, there's 3 calls along I-84 just out the front door of Wendell Idaho. Plus a small shop near Jerome(where I was born) means two counties a vast territory severely underserved and a reputation second to none. The old concept of not competing against a friend is gone. If there's meat out there , I'm out there for the bar-b-que. 
Which brings me to my finals here. First, will Ladywolf PooBear get back together? The reality is that's not looking good. The failure to disclose she had money she could have sent as per the requirement of her returning to my domicile, is only part of it. The very reason I have to move now, is her destruction of my reputation and all here on both her attempts of uniting with me, should wake her up to the fact that she should, by all rights be grounds for getting off her butt and finding funds to help my escalation to the level I was before she entered my world. Her excuses of oh I'm sick, oh, I'm too this, or I'm too that is just that excuses. If I want something bad enough I go after it. If I have to end up funding my relocation and all myself, then what the frig do I need her for. My last trip the one that caused damage to the General, that come to find isn't that bad, but my last trip to my secondary home of birth, 5 of the not so today, but the fine ladies who I went to school with are single. And not looking to far past this old Wolf. Of that 5, 3; helped me unload the General , one fixed me dinner, and we talked for several hours. The bottom line? Shelly, if you want me, you best open your wallet and help with this move, or if I have to do it all myself, you can forget about us and for this bit of you getting knocked up after taking a bath after I took one is not possible. At the end of the day, Shelly, if you want me all that bad, best find a way to get me move money, or just forget it, I'll be okay by myself.
Last here; Some have asked if HazzardAyre Radio and all will continue after the move? The answer is yes. However the facility I have in mind for it, needs a full rewire, industrial grade internet which I have set up with Cable-One, however there needs to be new equipment bought, installed, staff hired and so on. So look to October for the new airings of HazzardAyre and the rest of our programming. Maybe I can convince Nurse GoodBody to get involved again.
The end of the day here is; no matter the business, no matter the ability of the web, most if not all business's work better if they are not just online, but up front and in your face personal. HazzardLyfe Radio at 07:00 Friday morning.

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