Thursday, June 1, 2017

One that was foxy but turned out to be a mirage and why is Shelly bugging me now?

Do you ever notice that its mostly single guys that click on introductions and friend invites from foxy looking women, that are really not women at all and are usually trolls looking to snare an unknowing very horny male corpuscle and spread not their legs but malware? I nearly bit, but the detective cop in me said sniff this out a bit further first. I did and grand Facebook followed my lead and gave her the boot. Too bad they don't do that to more of the $30 Sherries. 
The General is giving me problems so thinking not going to Hazzard today, but going Friday morning.
Okay then looked in my inbox on my Imail, and found Shelly was sniffing around. I did reopen the door there. Perhaps the concept of a 3 bedroom house, big fenced yard, and new people might make it where she and I might have a better go of it. With one thing or requirement, she needs to get right with the Knytes first. So I told her last week, that if she even was thinking of getting back into my world, she needed to wire me $600.00 through Walmart here in Etown first, then we'd get it together , if not then don't bother me none more times. 
The other reason I'm holding off departing from Etown this morning, is that I need to renew my license plates on the General first.
Saw Nate's truck down at the Pilot but couldn't find him, hope he's okay, and BTW on good young buck Nate, he got officially hitched this past weekend, Congrats Nate. 
Next want to say thanks to the bank, by switching my account from Wells Fargo to Cofc Bank of Idaho, my Government money was there at midnight 30, rather than having to wait until 05:00 to snag it. Really? And Wells Fargo wonders why its loosing customers.
See you in a half hour, on 

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