Friday, June 23, 2017

Needed more sleep and what's the big deal?

Got up early this morning got a few things packed, then snagged a shower which in Etown here is a challenge. See about a month ago or so went to activate the shower/tub faucett except the faucet handle broke. Which I worked for a hour with a pair of Vice Grips. So informed management who in a week after came over with the assistance of the fix it crew here put on a new one, that does not allow for an even mix of hot or cold, it's either hot or cold. Which means having to sit in the tub, mix the water by hand, then to rinse off, one needs to run the tub twice in hot mode until the hot supply diminishes to the point one can get in the shower and rinse off. All of which may seem like a slight disturbance except all that heating of water costs natural gas that increased the amount I'd normally pay for natural gas. That and the loss of the shop, due to the increase of rent here at the illustrious Wentworth Apartments of Evanston, Wyoming to $300.00 that I have to pay, I said this can't be done. So by a blessing found a place in Wendell Idaho. So last two weeks it was finish up with LexiBelle, and mover her to Nate's for fuel tank repair, then clean out the shop, plus haul bit by bit stuff both from the shop that can go into the General JaXson, and still finish up with the shop. So Thursday night into this early morning got a bunch of stuff, Keith and I hauled a bunch to the new house. Left my phone at Evanston, and when I got back, there was a message from our complex manager, on the shut off notice. Yep, one from Power company, which I'm still working with Bishop on, and one from Questar, can't do much about it until Shelly's money gets here, Monday. Okay then Complex manager says there were two cops here knocking at the door. So called the local county fuzz and they had no idea, of anything they would visit me for, so shrugged that off. As I said 9 days wont come fast enough. Can't figure out what the fuzz would be here for cept to fetch the keys to the shop, that is at the bottom of a big box in Wendell, and can't go back there because, no money in my britches until Friday next. After that the pricks that own that shop can stuff it. Again, seeing Evanston Wyoming in my rear view wont come fast enough. Oh yes will have to make three more trips, one to snag Gabriella, Shelly's Subaru, then LiL Wolf and then General JaxSon. The reason I mis spell Jackson is a slight tribute to the Character on SOA Jax Teller. 
Okay then the end of the day is one weekend of rest, and a week of prep so next weekend I can be done with crap city America, Evanston Wyoming. Some day would love to beat the dog turd out of the con artist, that conned me into moving here to begin with, likewise the lady and her husband, that held my first months rent at Yellow Creek, which if I had known I would have gotten back, moved back to Woods Cross Utah, and this last 3 and half years could have been avoided. 
Considering all I have been through here, promises, and promises, only to be told to bite a sour egg, first it was the bar, good in theory, but no booze license paying $4,000.00 a month rent was stupid, so that scrubbed. Had plans then to move away, but nope couldn't find anything. At least that I could afford. Then came the first shop, had four so called partners. One suggested by our complex manager's husband well that fell through. Could have gotten out of the shop then, but a guy pal of Becky's said he wanted in. All I saw was a guy who loved dope, and used in the shop, and never did contribute to the shop rent/expenses funds. So out he went. Then came Nathen and Michelle. One payment, nothing against the utilities, only good thing there was that reunited me with Rick. So that went okay for a time, but I got so short changed in my own money couldn't do much against utilities, plus his Father in Law had this old trailer house in there, no fixing on LexiBelle, nor LiL Wolf. When that fell, found another shop out by Nate's shop, rented it. As long as my rent at the Wentworth was at $160.00 a month I could afford that along with the combination of Shelly's money, the Knytes's money and mine I was able to keep that going. But then Shelly and I started fussing over the fact of the none acceptance factor that is Evanston Wyoming, so she left in March and because of that April and May's shop rent fell, and so did the shop. The only thing I can think, that I was made to sit put in Evanston here was to get together with Shelly, outside of that its been a very painful, and stressful 3 and a half years of absolutely nothing. 
So with all of that, next week I'll be finishing up here in Evanston, Wyoming, the deposit, is no big deal since it didn't come out of my pocket anyway, and be thankful, that I'm finally out of crap hole Evanston.
On the air Saturday morning at 06:00 tonight I'm resting and relaxing, the last mile of the home stretch is near over and need to get my body in shape.

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