Saturday, June 10, 2017

Morning Howl

A grand morning to ya'll. Yes I'm still in Wyoming, systematic problems with the General JaXson (why I spell it that way in a few centons here) and waiting on money from both the club, and LadyWolf. I looked up the outfit that hit me so hard. Seems that Advance America isn't that popular in the good department, all too many have been hammered by them likewise Wells Fargo Bank, here. Let em try to get my money from CofC Bank in Idaho. Okay then.
Watched the rerun of America's Got Talent last night and that little darling Angelica Hale was on there, considering having to go through a kidney transplant and all at such a young age of 9, and having such a none child singing voice, just blew me away. 
Don't get this wrong, or anything ya'll, but my admiration of that young lady has nothing to do with anything sinister, but my that gal can sing. Any album she puts out, if we can get a copy of it, will be played on HazzardAyre Radio.
Much to do later today so I'll close, but not before I say to our Bishop, Happy Birthday. May yours be much better than mine. 

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