Saturday, June 10, 2017

More of the Morning Howl

I had some other things that I wanted to add here this morning. 
Many of us in the performance automotive world, have bought products from Edlbrock, from carbs to intake manifolds, to engines and such. The son of the founder of Edlebrock, Vic Edlebrock Junior passed away yesterday. His loss will be felt by many of us in this hobby and business. Although he and I disagreed on many things when we'd chat on the phone, I only met him in person once at the SEMA show in Lost Wages Nevada he was an inventor and a very well liked and honored pioneer in our hobby of performance muscle cars , trucks etc. 
Next I'd like to have the oppurtunity to have a sit down with TV network executives. Seems as though its ratings sweeps time, as the good movies always roll out at this time. Disney Channel ran Camp Rock and Camp Rock2 last night, TBS ran two Tom Cruise spy movies, and the movie version of SWAT. I also noticed that several redone series are going to be on CMT, this fall, except one, yep the Dukes-of-Hazzard will sadly not be one of them. Which leeds to this, did you catch the story of the Marine graduate that was told he could not go to his High School graduation wearing his Marine dress uniform? This political correctness thing has gone way too long and way too much. Even common courtesy things like holding a door open for a lady, helping an elderly person cross a street, or for that matter swatting a child on the butt for not minding. With the tragedy of just this past week, of an estranged guy pal, fight, that caused a meltdown of common intelligence open firing of a young woman and 3 children, only blocks away from a elementry school, with children just getting out of school that day. The restrictions of being able to apply discipline to children and youngsters with a good swat or spanking if needed has caused our youth to think they can do anything bad and not get any punishment what so ever. And time outs etc don't do it. It's like this example of mine. For shits and giggles when I was just turning I think 6 years old. I decided to pocket a box or two of the old candy called Milk Duds. My mom knew I did not have money that day or at least that much to buy those. Since I do not lie EVER, I told my mom what I had done. So down to that drug store we went. Right there in the middle of that store at 6:00PM my mom pulled my britches down, and gave me a paddling, till my butt was red. I can assure you that stopped any concept of shoplifting again. Today my mom would have been hauled to the clink for doing that, but that was certainly a lesson learned. This is what needs to return to our society today. Teachers and educators can't swat a kid at his or her desk for disturbing the class like they used to. Even having a kid wear a dunce cap and sitting in the corner with your nose against the wall is cause for a teacher to be fired. But my, in my day, that was standard practice. Granted such things can go beyond simple correcting, but done with restraint , a spanking is just the ticket to keeping kids, tweens and even teens in line. 
More later, our prayers and all go to the family of Vic Edlebrock Junior.

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