Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just before Dawn

Just when you have it wrapped up something or someone throws you a curve ball, and you have to re-examine your attack plan. Such was the thing yesterday now that my illustrious Bishop, told me no how no way to helping with my power bill. Truthfully if the owners of this dinky apartment would bark, I'd not care much if the damn power got unplugged. But it's immediate eviction if you loose your utilities. Not that I care much since I'm moving out of here anyway, but the request for aid, denial, was one more thing that said I and the WolfPack ain't welcome here. Oh well, there is a thing called Carma. Sometime, someway in the future, there will arrive the need of my former Bishop, when he'll be driving to say Boise or such that he'll need a tow. I always say and its a fact, you really need to make friends of us who tow. After all one day you WILL need one of us.
Okay then;
Put up an ad on facebook just a few ago, and the ad was immediately pulled. Yes it was for a poster girl for our TV and web ads for HazzardAyre and all that, that includes. I say picky , picky. Guess that's what home grown, print ads are for, might put same in SooperAds, when I get there.
Then there was this distant noise of someone asking me why I love feet and nylons on a woman rather than just seeing bare legs. To me, the simple answer has always been; that a woman dressed in nylons is like the looks of a great classy truck. Sure the standard stock wheels still make the truck go, but there's no look or style. Chrome wheels etc just make the truck pop, in the eyes. Same goes for women in nylons. Rather than make it a dirty or filthy thing, my thoughts are simple nylons on her legs, just makes her chassis classy. 
Finally, going down to check on LexiBelle over at Nate's. I saw his shop entry door open, so thought I'd pop my head in. Couldn't see nor hear anyone, so thought maybe Nate just forgot to close and lock his door. So I did, secure the door. Nate was in his office, but I never heard anything. Sorry Nate, just looking after you. I would hope that if you came to my shop and saw the door open but did not hear me, you'd secure the door of my shop as well. 
Any mile, headed for bed, as I gotta get up early to go see if I can get some help on the power bill, since I guess my Bishop, thinks I'm not good enough to help one final time. On that, if your ever in a spot, where, you need to do a payday loan, stay away from Advance America. At the beginning of May, thinking I had everyone paid, including Advance America, come to find out one of their former managers, had taken the $500.00 I paid along with embezzling much more. However Advance America without making a phone call or a can we work out some payment options, or anything, just took out of my WF account, and so apartment rent, utilities and such including my shop rent . So I had to go to the Bishop in May for help with most everything, and so I could pay my shop rent. Plus without the monthly money coming in from Shelly at the time since we were feuding my butt was against the wall. I hate asking anybody for anything. Be it Church, friends or even the club. But sometimes you have to. Our current Club President, had a tripple heart attack, no help there, the about to take his seat at the head of the table President, was off on some vacation thing, so no one to ask for help there. I would rather work for money to live, I hate stepping on my pride and crawling under a shell, but there are times one has to. Mark our Bishop, thinks all I see him for is to draw funds from the Ward funds. Not true, but I was and am in a mess. It was by a prayer and a miracle that I located the place near Hazzard Idaho in Wendell. I'm so dang close to getting out of here, yet because Shelly is stuck as far as money goes until the 1st or so, and me likewise, just to keep things lit here now, I figured Mark would be compassionate enough to throw out one more bone from the Ward, as far as my last power bill here. Nope. So as said I'm in bed so I can go see if there's another resource. The sooner I get out of this pit called Evanston, the better.

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