Monday, June 26, 2017

It really was a serious Monday

Well here tiz Liz, Finally Shelly's money came in and a mere $120.00 came to me. Says she'll send the rest on Thursday but we see. Okay then, with that and attempting to escape Earth's terrential gravitational emotional pull I was zipping along the Epsalon cluster when I found my cell ringing. I ignored several calls early in the morning, one from the greedy guy who rented us the shop here in Etown, and another telemarketer, wanting to know if they could design our website. Which had the been speaking American southern English, I might have heard their words, and if it had been the voice of a foxy sweety I'd have been tuned into her frequency. As it was it was some Indian from India doing the pitching and about mid way in his pitch I pushed off. 
Now there is something that a few have brought up here lately that needs cleared up. It's no big secret that in many ways Shelly and I are worlds apart. But so too I'm several galaxies apart from most humans. In that I was raised with the ultimate good parents, in a very comfortable environment, with anything and everything I could ever want at the snap of my fingers. Where as Shelly was raised in a rather abusive and very resource lacking environment. She was physically abused, and emotionally abused. The one thing that we do share from our childhoods, is that we both were not the so called Popular kids in school or neighborhood, but that standoffish attitude comes from two different views. Hers was that she wasn't very good looking. Nor was I, but in my world the peer thing was more along the lines that I grew up much faster and mentally able than Shelly was. Hers is more from a arena of not getting the right education. She fears, where I rush in, She isn't a social person and hates big crowds, me as the showman I am, lives for the spotlight. I love the stage, acting, writing plays and films, and of course my second love radio. 
You could call me Farckle, where as Shelly is more of a Mia, divorced or abscent parents. Mine were always there with the safety net, Shelly's wasn't. 
However Shelly is not stupid, nor is she incapable of learning, she just needs a firm hand and lots of love to rise above her issues.
The other day, my Bishop, was barking at me about as he described it, having a tantraum. Perhaps that's accurate. Reason? I take medicine for my emotional swings, especially when I'm feeling stress, such as having the lights here being turned off. For 2-1/2 weeks no meds. The $10.00 co-pay I have to cough up and who knows how that'll change under President Trumps Health Care Bill, but no funds no meds. Both for my diabetes,. Hell I can't even buy the mini batteries that goes in my blood meter. No meds, meant my emotions were going wild. Then having the Power bill issue, and trying to get my WolfPack and I out of this bassackwards village, I was in panic mode. Just Monday, I hadn't ate much in 4 days. Not because I didn't have money on my SNAP card, but that I'm just not hungry or really want to eat. I haven't slept really well since I began this move project. Some might say that if its that difficult why do it? Look the shop was $750.00 a month. Then before the rent rate hike, $160.00 a month, $200.00 for Internet and cable, then near $300.00 for both power and natural gas. I was just not bringing in enough fast enough to cover my butt. Then came the rent rate hike. $300.00 rent, $750.00 shop, $300 utilities, $200.00 cable and Internet.  Of course as long as Shelly was contributing and she and I sharing expenses all was fine. Once she flew out of here twice but the last time most importantly, there was just no serious income. Then came the discovery of a small but livable older 3 bedroom home in Wendell, for only $200.00 more than I was paying for rent here. Well I jumped. Plus the fact that my company was created only 10 miles west of Wendell, Idaho; I know the environment , I know the people, the majority of the Knytes as well as the WolfPack is there, and it's a dang sight warmer there by usually 10 to 20 degrees, look southern folks are not accustomed to cold and ice. 
On the business and the Club(s). For the last what now 40 plus years I have gave my everything to our illustrious organization. I have seen its both good and bad parts. Between the Knytes and the WolfPack, we do incredible things. That said, since 1978 I have put my toewing business and all on the back burner to serve both the Club(s) as well as my time in the Marines. With this move I'm reversing my priorities. Hazzard County Choppers and what will be RodeWolf Toewing is my main squeeze vocationally. I will still serve in the capacities I always have, just turning down the burner a bit. I'm devoting much more of my time to Heavenly Father, My Company and Shelly, and toning down this big push on the Club(s) all the time, which also may be less time on radio as well. I have howled about this a lot, but this is after all an organization, not just a single bodied me only pursuit. At last count, there are 300,000 members of both the Knytes, and the WolfPack combined. Its time some of ya'll started putting more of your shoulders to the wheel. Just today, after pushing very hard, boxing things, and running service calls, I got to the point once Shelly sent her contribution, I took $10.00 and hit McDonalds of Evanston Wyoming. Two things there, one the food made me hurl, and I had the Hershey squirts so bad I used up 2 rolls of ass wipe. But that wasn't the worst part. Because of not having my stomach medicine, as well as my Metformin my a1c Went way high I nearly passed out and just about had a heart attack. Not some mini stroke Like I have sometime, but a sweat like an athlete after a 100 mile marathon, heavy chest, the whole bit. I debated about calling the paramedics, but toughed it out. Bottom line I nearly died, and it was clear, not only do I need to get out of here, but once I do, its time that my aging body gets some time to unwind and relax a bit. 
Any mile, headed to Wendell in the morning, hope General JaXson, gets me there and back. TTYLY

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