Friday, June 2, 2017

Ever wonder why Idaho has prospered through the tough economical crisis ?

Do you ever wonder how the State of Idaho, not only held its head high but prospered throughout the Obama economic crisis? Is it that overall even with a few that are ignorant, arrogant, and just plain stubborn, but overall Idaho has met the enemy of Let's not do that, with the response, Why the hell not?
Even though my body flows gray with Confederate blood, I'm also proud to say I am an Idaho'n and and American. But mostly someone who was  born in Idaho, and who except for about 11 years was raised on that Idaho sunshine. 
I think too, when it comes to our Senators and Congressmen in DC Idaho except maybe for one, are some of the most aggressive and knowledgeable of all those DC occupiers. Is it just the pure Idaho water? The ability to forget and forgive? or is there another reason that even dear old Burley is becoming vibrant again. There ARE jobs in Idaho. McCain Foods out of Burley is expanding and two new technology companies are moving in ? Who knows. The children go to school, we have great teachers and a hardly second to none in America educational system. 
When I left my home in Idaho in 2013 on a crap deal in Utah then coming here to Evanston Wyoming, my main goal was always to go home to Idaho. There's a reason Idaho is called the GEM of the Mountains. Likewise when I left , even Twin Falls was struggling with bringing in new major employers , local infrastructures were having troubles getting it in gear. Today, one can access the Internet at exceptional speeds, even media companies are meeting the challenge. Yet Idaho's closest neighbors Utah and Wyoming for all their boasting can't seem to advance beyond the starting point if even getting to the starting line. Utah can't recruit or keep good teachers, even then children in Utah can barely if at all, meet even regional aptitude levels. Wyoming has a bunch of bloobering idiots teaching the young, as well as Wyoming is struggling to bring in new major employing companies. Even the few that do sniff around Wyoming find an unacceptable educated work or labor force/pool. SouthernSteele Media is a perfect example. We came in with $20.00 and $30.00 an hour jobs yet found nobody willing to do even the most simple tasks. One that did found that Evanston and Wyoming overall wasn't progressing fast enough. The list goes on and on, but do you ever wonder why Idaho has prospered when most of America is hurting? It's because of tenacity, and a real industrial labor force, and the ability to say why not? When most of the rest say Why?

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